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vintage chic

vintage chic

Hi readers!
Been a while I did the current situation post. Check out the last from 2016 I did. This post is just an update of what’s going on with me currently and being vintage chic. Doing an open tag for anyone who might be interested in putting up their own current situation on their blog. Would love to know what’s up with you so go ahead and post your answers.

vintage chic

Current age: Hard to say, I feel like 28. I am legit tired of people learning my real age and having that surprised look like I am so young and act way older than my age.

Wearing: Offshoulder dresses, cold shoulder tops and vintage shirts. Looking into wearing more skirts and pink outfits just because two guys last week thought I was a guy. *side eyes*

vintage shirt

Current natural hair age: 20 months 16 days. By the way, I cleared all post relating to my hair on the blog. You can catch posts relating to natural hair at The House of Naturals.

Current hair situation: Dunno the actual name of the style I have on but where I come from we call it Ghana weaving. The actual name should be cornrows I think.

Current favorite lipstick color: Red! I finally broke the jinx of burgundy and purple. Totally loving the red I won from Demi Akin which I talked about in a guide to winning giveaways.

Current favorite accessory: Currently digging this copper bracelet I got from my mum. I stopped wearing bead bracelets months ago. Who would have thought that was possible? Got this visor with my name on it from my good buddy Aque Arts who is a graphic designer and makes the best tees too.

Current favorite movie: Mortdecai starring Johnny Depp and Gwyneth Paltrow. Such a comical and interesting movie from 2015. I haven’t been to the cinema this year! Which movies have you seen and you like?

Current favorite Nigerian author: Tolu Akinyemi. The way I’ve been digging poetry these days, it’s amazing. Tolu’s poems are cool and hilarious too.

Current foreign author(s): Patricia Cornwell. My love for thrillers successfully followed me into 2017. All in support say aye!

Admiring: Demi Akin, the lifestyle and fashion blogger at High Street Mania. It’s amazing how she manages to combine her hectic school work with being a consistent blogger and vlogger.

Wishing: I could have all the things I wanted. In need of a new camera and basically funding to support my entrepreneurship needs. So much I want to work on and yet so little resources at hand.

Determined to: Never give up on my dreams.

Craving: Coldstone ice cream and the bubbly feeling that comes with having a boyfriend. So I wrote a letter to a secret crush as a part of Lettergram’s writing campaign last week. Let’s hope my crush sees it and comes calling.

Current favorite food: Eternally in love with dodo i.e fried plantain (never changing).

Current favorite candy: Snickers. Generally a sucker for chocolate but the nuts in Snickers makes it taste better. However, the current exchange rate has made the price of Snickers and Bounty so ridiculous that I have to think twice before buying.

snickers bar

Finding exciting: How I am progressing at photography, poetry and fashion designing too.

Feeling: Tired. I really need a vacation and long rest.

Anticipating: Nothing really. As much as I’d like to say my birthday, I am not really anticipating it. But The Charity Fashion Show is coming up soon and I am looking forward to it.

Happy about: Being alive and a daughter of the most high God who loves me unconditionally.

vintage shirt

Appreciating: God, people around me that make life great, how beautiful life is and everything else.

Inspired by: Life. I’d write an autobiography someday and you’d see how being me really feels like. There’s a lot going on I really can’t talk about yet but just being strong.

Planning to: Focus more on my blogging, writing, photography, being more of a better person and closer to God.

Loving: The offshoulder trend, turbans and Jon Bellion.

Regretting: Not starting some things I do now earlier.

Unsure about: Nothing really.

Reading: The Alchemist by Paul Coelho published in 1988. Main lesson from this book is that When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.

Listening to: Water under the bridge by Adele. So 25 won album of the year at The Grammy Award.

My go to style is a T-shirt and jeans with flats or sneakers but since my love of vintage wears started, I have been really digging it. Paired this vintage shirt with black jeans and white sneakers. This look is perfect for those days you just want to chill and be cool or that Friday you want to dress casual to work. If you don’t have any vintage wear in your wardrobe yet, you really should.

vintgae chic

What would you define as your personal style? Are you a fan of the vintage trend? I tried rocking a vintage shirt as a kimono one time and it turned out well. How would you rock this shirt? The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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  1. Hello Dami! You look nice and I might just check out the Alchemist. I’ve been hearing about it a lot. Sneakers are the next best thing. Comfy too. Vintage ain’t that bad either. Enjoy the rest of the week.
    P.S: Thanks for stopping by my blog. God bless. Xx

  2. I’ve also loved snickers and Coldstone, but it’s way over at Lagos. I wonder if they have a branch here in Abuja.
    I’ve been MIA and I’m happy to be back. Also, love the new changes to the blog.
    Have fun. <3

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