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Marching Forward

Hi readers!
How are you today? Happy new month. I am a bit late on the new month wagon but we are definitely marching forward this month. So I have been irregular with posting here, pardon me. School resumed a couple of weeks back and I am adjusting to the school routine again. Funny enough, March happened to be one of the months with least posts from last year. Let’s hope it turns out different this year. I’ve got gist and been up to a couple of things!

What have I been up to? Yes, this is to bring to your notice that I am officially open for blog consultation and design. Need help setting up your site or blog? I’m at your service. Moving from Blogger to WordPress? Need help setting up an eCommerce website? I can do it. Check out the House of Naturals and Themie’s Blog for sample of my work. You can mail me at

The blogger sis Debs of Deb Writes Blog is now a volunteer for Mentally Aware, a non-governmental platform for creating awareness about mental illnesses. Not mental illness in the insanity sense but issues that people go through that affects them mentally. I remember suffering from depression back in 2015 and it wasn’t a funny time. We all need to get help when we aren’t okay and to talk to someone. You can also volunteer to end stigma attached to mental illness in Nigeria. A campaign is going on currently tagged #Ilovemeselfiechallenge which is an avenue to post about things you hated about yourself but you love now. Follow @mentallyawareng

mentally aware ng

My role model Folu Ajayi started her blog recently and she blogs about lifestyle and art. Trust me, she’s quite the amazing person. You can find her blog here. Also, The Dream shared a post about the realities of dating a blogger on his blog. Best blog post I’ve read today because I can relate to most of them as a blogger *covers face*

There’s so much going on right now on social media right now. Mehn! Those watching Big Brother Naija in the house raise your hands! Kemen is gone. Still finding the cause of his disqualification unbelievable. I mean why did he try to sexually harass Tboss?! My mum said his village people probably are after him. I have seen so many stupid comments on social media regarding this issue. Men really have to learn how to take no as no and not have sex with women without their full consent. One comment I saw even talked about how rape is not a big deal.

Now a little flashback to March last year, I wrote a letter to the future me here and started a fictional series titled Experience to Remember. Canva and VSCO are two important blogging tools; find out why here. I also shared a style post featuring an Ankara inspired t-shirt and two poems here and here.

experience to remember

I really do pray March is a great month for all of us. What have you been up to? Ever used Canva or VSCO before? What was the experience like? What’s your opinion about mental health awareness? Do you think Big Brother was right to disqualify Kemen for his behavior in the house? What do you think about rape? Let’s chat below. The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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  1. Wow, Dammy I’m really emosh now??? Thanks for talking about mental illness and awareness.

    I read Immanuel’s post too and I’m like he’s just talking about me?? I must repost def!

    About BBN, I’m an addicted lover but I don’t subscribe to the obscene parts and what’s Kemen did to Tboss is really worrisome and some social media comments I read were unbelievable. It’s really time we call a spade a spade in our society.

    Just hearing about VSCO and Canva today?

    1. Immanuel’s post is definitely a good one. Some people say stupid things when it comes to rape for real. God help them! You really should check out Canva and VSCO. Great tools!

  2. You are not alone Debs.. This is the first time I am hearing about Canva and VSCO..
    Thanks for this Dammy.. You just got two bloggers enlightened… Lol!!

    I love that series.. Experience to Remember… I was loving your blog before I started blogging sef.. I would just go and read it again..

    1. You’re welcome. Both tools have been around for a while now. Try them out and you’d see how useful they are. *winks*

  3. Good to have you back dear?
    Congratulations on launching your blog consultation and website design business.
    On a non-related issue. I’m in support of Biggie decision to disqualify Kemen.
    The dude pratically ruined his own career by allowing his sexual urge get the best of him. I agree with you mum they are actually following him from his village.
    My Style Look Book Series

  4. I think am the only one that does not know how to use vsco, because I dont even know how it works, I ended up uninstalling it, am for canva babbbyyy..
    About kemen, wetin concern me concern bbn, I still don’t understand the significance of the show, when the 25million will not affect me.

    Of course, we understand the stress of school and blogging, don’t worry u would be fine.
    BTW themiesblog feel is cool and not shouty, good job!!.

    About mental illness, we need to create more awareness, do you know this thing called ‘mood swing’ in psychology is actually a mental disorder, so many things that we think is normal to have is actually not normal to have,trust me, if not controlled it could get out of hand.

    So many things causes mental illness, negativity too, 2016 was a year I was tortured mentally, negativity issa bad stuff, producing emotional breakdown, depression from trying to fight hard against it, mood swing, unnecessary sadness for things that’s never going to happen…and so forth, it affected me mentally. Even tho it wants to creep back now, but I just had to keep on keeping on, and putting my foot down.
    No time for mental whatever this year, because its a hard battle to fight against your yourself, by yourself, because no one really understands its a mental illness, the bible even knows is a disorder sef.

    I think this I the longest comment have ever made on any blog.


    1. Oh my! This is indeed the longest comment I’ve gotten on any post. Looool no chill for BBNaija. School and blogging ehn! Thank God you understand. I am glad and proud of you for fighting sadness and mood swings. A lot of people end up with suicide. Thank God you’re okay 🙂

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