10 Fun Things To Do As An Introvert


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*inserts Summer Time Sadness as soundtrack* Happy weekend! How are you today? Very well I hope. Finally done with most of my tests and super glad this weekend is a long one. Thank God for May Day! Over to today’s post. My personality is a mixed one and I see myself as an ambivert although I enjoy being by myself more. So on days I don’t feel like really socializing, I’ve got 10 fun things to do as an introvert which I thought I’d share.

10 fun things to do as an introvert

1. Watch movies. The obvious one yes? Really a big fan of action and comedy! I watch romance, sci-fi and horror movies some times though. I try to watch at least two hours of movies or flipping through the TV channels everyday. Shared horror movies you should see in this post last Halloween. My favorite actors are currently Johnny Depp, Ryan Reynolds and Channing Tatum. Fun fact: Channing was once my wallpaper for a week. Hehehe. But yes, watching movies is a cool way to have fun as an introvert and even an extrovert.

Channing Tatum
Just look at him!

Movies I’d recommend for you to watch now are John Wick 2 (if you love a lot of action), Me Before You (if romance is your weak spot), V for Vendetta (oldie but goodie), Logan (because watching a hero at work is cool), Boss Baby (for cartoon lovers like myself), The Wedding Party (forever lit!) and The Perfect Match (basically because fuckboys don’t win all the time.

2. Read a book. This is an habit I have cultivated since I was little and I can’t stop. I really fancy hard cover books but I can’t find some of my favorite authors around so I download mostly eBooks now. If you’re regular here, you probably know how much I love thrillers and crime books so Sidney Sheldon is my favorite author. Okada Books is an app I read off too and you should check out my book ‘Musings and Personal’ if you haven’t already.

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3. Listen to music. I shared a playlist sometime in February which you can check out here. I discovered other cool artistes since then, two of which are Guy Sebastian and Bebe Rexha. Guy’s voice is amazing! Ed Sheeran’s Divide album has my heart too. My playlist is usually updated every week based on the billboard hot 100 so I always have fresh music to listen to when I am by myself. Got any artiste I should listen to? Do share below.

4. Watch YouTube videos and stalk social media accounts. Really getting into this these days. Used to be so averted to YouTube due to how much data it consumes when live streaming but I overlook it now. I follow vloggers of different niches and it is starting to seem like everyone’s doing the same thing which is rather odd but my favorite include Lizza Koshy (and her boyfriend of course), Tolaniav, LaurDiy, Ronke Raji and The Brownie. Check out their vlogs and you’ll see why I like them.

One of the best ways to know people I believe is to take a peek into their lives online. The way some people behave online is quite similar to how they behave in real life. Check their account, comments, tweets and retweets. Stalking social media accounts give you an insight into the type of person some people are and this might come handy while relating to them.

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5. Exercise indoors. Thanks to Funke Olotu, I finally took exercising seriously since the beginning of the year. A friend made a comment two weeks ago about how my bum is looking bigger. *dabs from side to side* Yes, I have been squatting and stretching. Not ashamed to say it. If you’re not comfortable with some things, you could try to change them.

6. Invite friends over. Can’t write much about this because I hardly do it. When you get so comfortable with being by yourself, you might not need friends to come over and trust me, having friends over can be disastrous so I’d rather go to their place instead. But if having friends over seem like fun, go for it.


You could also play games. Yessss! I can’t remember the last time I held a game pad and that has to change soon. Really miss the days of GTA, FATE and Winning Eleven. There are a lot of games with multiplayer mode that you can play with your friends. You should see the games on my phone though. They are mostly challenging games and help a lot. I really fancy board games too especially chess.

7. Cook or get creative. Cooking is another activity to consider as an introvert. Get yourself a cookbook or try out the recipes you find on food blogs and accounts. I read the story of John Colier who has two Grammy awards and produces most of his music in his bedroom. Amazing right? This shows being introverted is actually cool. Lay your hands on a craft or art (photography, painting, drawing etc.) you have interest in and perfect it.

8. Write and write! Writers in the house say yeah yeah *in Wizkid’s voice* I think most writers have this introvert thing in them or a moment when they zone out and focus on writing. Anyway, being introverted could be beneficial to your writing if you put it to good use.

9. Meditate. Another fun thing to do as an introvert is meditate. Meditation helps with clearing the mind and focusing better. This can be beneficial to the body. Or better still, sleep and get good rest.

10. Get cozy or cuddle. Hahaha. Okay okay, a friend went through the post draft and suggested this. Cuddling or getting cozy with the bae/boo can be a rather fun thing to do as an introvert. Did you know it acts as a form of ‘destressing’? I didn’t. Non-singles in the house, abeg utilize this free source of stress reduction.

There you have them! 10 fun things to do as an introvert from my perspective. Which can you relate to? Read any good book recently? Do think cuddling actually reduces stress? Introverts in the building, what other fun activity do you engage in? Do share below. The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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  1. Story of my life!
    Except for that cooking part, and inviting friends over…that’s my life in sum. And introverting is fun for me!!! Haven’t read so much hardcover book recently except The Alchemist but loads of Ebooks on my phone that I’m yet to read.

    Music is my go to out of boredom therapy too! Introverting is really fun, pls😁😁 Great post, D!

    1. Read the alchemist again recently but the eBook though. eBooks might just be the way forward for we book lovers now. Intrverting is really fun Debs 😀

  2. Came here to learn some tips (i’m not really an introvert tho) and I see my name, I’m glad you’re building that booty girl!

    that cooking part ehn..hnmm….exercising indoors and inviting friends over are my thing and these days I’ve been watching more movies than before

    great post dear


  3. 😂😂😂@No. 9, Apostle must hear of this….

    Very very beautiful writeup….

  4. Lol @ number 10. I’m a big introvert even though most people think opposite. I’m sooo shy that people think I’m snubbing them when I find it tough starting up a conversation. I’m not a fan of movies, I prefer series that I can watch for a bit and comeback to. I cringe at the word exercise…yep! I’m that lazy. I rather play music and dance the calories away in my room. exercise kini? xx

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  5. An introvert is reporting for duty here. I indulge in about 5 of what is listed above. Chief of them is watching movies. However, that’s a challenge now as I don’t have new movies on my system. 😢

    Next is watching YouTube videos. Favourite niches are movie bloopers and ScreenRant and Watchmojo video channels. I also visit random blogs.
    I don’t even have friends to invite over. Such a loner!

    1. Wow! Seems like you’re much introverted than I am. Good thing you enjoy doing some of these things.

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