Five Funny Misconceptions About Me

Five funny misconceptions about me


So I have been jampacked with school work over the past weeks and starting to consider working out a posting schedule so as to be more regular here, probably Mondays and Fridays. The blog stats have not been smiling. Any way, I was thinking of doing fifty more random facts about me as a sequel to 100 random facts about me but I heard one funny misconception about me yesterday and I thought I’d share the five funniest I have heard.

1. “You look Igbo.”
About four people said this statement to me just last week when I was asked my name and I told them Oyindamola. Apparently, I look like I am from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria.

There was a particular day I was in a cab and when about to alight, I said “O wa” that is I’m stopping here in Yoruba. The passenger beside me had his eyes wide. He couldn’t believe I was Yoruba. It was too amusing. But really, I have no relations with the Igbo side. I wish I do but that would have to wait till service year hopefully.

2. “I didn’t think you were this tall.”
Two bloggers made this statement at The Blogger Point Bloggers Brunch. I really don’t know why people assume I’m short especially those from social media. Maybe because photos are capable of showing different heights from different angles. But I am actually 5’9 which is fairly tall. Trust me, I have taller friends like Chidinma who blogs at The Archivist.

3. “You look older than your age.”
Yes yes. Even my mother says this a lot. When I was skinnier, it was easy to look like my actual age but I have picked up a couple of pounds over the past months which makes me look like 24 ish. But I am younger than that. I get away with some things due to this misconception and most of my friends are older. In fact I can run my mouth when amidst older people because they think I am old too. Pay attention to how I talk and you might not know. Pay attention to how I behave and you will see through. Search the blog though and you’ll find out my real age.

4. “You are hard to please, snubbish and hard to get along with.”
Untrue. I am very very easy to please and impress. Too easy in fact. Give me food and I’ll be your best friend. Hehehe. But really, if you appeal to my interests (music, food, blogging, fashion, photography, writing, sports etc), it is very easy to get along with me. Most people mistake my quietness as being snubbish but most times, I actually don’t know how to relate or I am simply observing. In fact, I am rather a chatterbox when with people that are easy or I find comfortable to talk to.

5. “You can’t really be a photographer. Girls aren’t really photographers.”
This is a general misconception about the female sex and I am not exempted. Females do well as photographers and I am a good photographer. I was slightly offended when a guy I know saw me editing pictures on my laptop last month and was looking surprised. So surprised he even asked “Dammy you’re actually a photographer?” Lol! Please I am a commercial photographer of Playground Media and open for bookings all year round.

Life of dammy Canon

There you have them folks! Five funny misconceptions about me. Which of them can you relate to? Have you ever been regarded as a snubbish person before? Do people ever think your age is different based on how you look? Do share below. The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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  1. Interestingly I’ve thought opposite of all the above…Well, maybe for the height something, that will wait till I meet you. Otherwise, I know Dammy is a Yoruba girl who is tall, sweet, nice, young *big grin* and a photographer!

    I know you too well…

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