Five Albums Currently On My Music Playlist

Five albums currently on my music playlist

Five albums currently on my music playlist

Hi readers!
Happy hump day. I still find it hilarious how Wednesday happens to be called a hump day. Like seriously who thinks of these things? Let’s take a quick look at five albums currently on my music playlist.

So my school is undergoing an internal crisis which has resulted in 7 weeks break for us. Sighs. My exams were supposed to start next week. I am willing to work and learn if you’ve got a job for me.

Y’all probably know just how much I love music and regularly updating my playlist. The music scene this year has been great and I have a couple of albums on repeat. Here are five albums I’ve had on my playlist recently.

1. Divide – Ed Sheeran
I played this album everyday last week. It has been on my insta stories and whatsapp status. My roommates love it as much as I do and we practically sing along to most of the songs from Castle on the hill to Dive all the way to Myself. My favorites are Dive, Perfect and Hearts don’t break around here. If you are a lover of good love songs, get this album asap.

Divide cover art

2. The Human Condition – Jon Bellion
I really should get an award for the number of times I have jammed this album. Discovered Jon some time last year (Thanks to an ex) and I was stuck on Human’s acoustic version. His voice and lyrics are captivating. I love him and his music all the way from 80s films down to Hand of God. My favorites off this album is Maybe Idk and Morning in America.

Human condition album art

3. 25 – Adele
I wasn’t a big fan of Adele’s until this year like I said in this random facts post. But then I listened to Send my love to your new lover and just had to download the album. One word for this album? Amazzzzing! Adele makes pain feel so good. When we were young, Water under the bridge, Can’t let go and Remedy are my favorites off this album.

Adele 25 album cover

4. Blonde – Frank Ocean
Okay I might have been a late comer on the Ocean waves (see what I did there?) but I got this album from Smallee last month and didn’t jam it until two weeks ago. My first thought was who names an album Blonde? This dude’s sound plus voice is so unique and I particularly like Ivy from the album.

Blonde album art

5. This is Acting – Sia
The fifth and formerly most played album on the list of five albums currently on my music playlist. Every track on this album is great. Honestly. Cheap thrills was the first I heard and I liked it plus the video was funny sort of. Any way, if you like Sia’s type of music you’d love this album. My favorite tracks off this album are Broken glass and House on fire. The album cover though!

Sia this is acting

Other albums I jam at the moment are Coloring Book by Chance The Rapper, Jhene Aiko’s Souled Out, Kendrick’s Damn, J Cole’s For your eyez only and Starboy by The Weeknd.

Which of these albums on my playlist have you listened to? Which is your favorite? My sister once said Adele must have gone through a really bad break up, do you think emotions show through music? What albums have you listened to and you think I should jam? The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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