Candid Talk: World Virginity Day Bants

world virginity day

world virginity day bants

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How are you today? Very well I hope. Happy new month! I am so sorry it is coming late from my end. Intended to post last week but there was a slight issue with the blog. Anyway, we are back and running! So yesterday June 10, was the World Virginity Day and it is a day set aside for informing people about the need to keep the v. Thought I’d share a post on World Virginity Day bants.

I came across the day first on Doctor Timi’s website. Been following him for a little over two years now. He runs the MINE ministry and started The World Virginity Day. Virginity is an issue I avoid talking about because of the several controversies surrounding it. I hate controversies (except it’s relating to Dan Brown).

no sex until marriage

The aims of this movement is to create a norm in which people don’t have to compromise their virginity just for fun. In Doctor Timi’s words:

Currently, we live in a world, where the media is telling the young chaps to “DO IT”. Please do a survey in your local schools and you’d discover that virgins are ashamed of their “status”. Their friends make them feel like weirdos or outcasts. It wasn’t like this in the beginning. We want virgins to know they are doing the right thing. We want to strengthen them by letting them know they are not alone.

virginity day

Personally, I have had very odd moments in which non-virgins looked at me like a weirdo or even ask why in the course of a conversation. Why stay a virgin? Why not? In this generation of ours, people have different opinions about sex particularly premarital sex and I have mine too. I believe sex is beautiful and worth waiting for. I know there’s no sense in rushing something I’d eventually spend a large part of my life enjoying.

Contrary to some opinions, staying a virgin doesn’t mean you would have a happy marriage same way not being a virgin can assure you of a happy marriage or relationship, it depends on the two people in the situation.

One thing I noticed though, hardly anyone believes the reason why you stayed a virgin if it’s not religion based. People just don’t understand why anyone would want to stay a virgin without them being too religious and it is so tiring how some people are always trying to convert we virgins.

Next thing, they’re asking if you don’t get turned on or something. Like please. Even when you share the reasons you’re actually doing it, for your health and protection, because you want to connect to your partner in other ways, because you want to save it for one person, because you think the world is sex-obsessed enough as it is, none of your answers will seem sufficient. Even when you’re cool with other people having sex, they start to think you’re judging them. JEEZ! It is even worse as a college student.

One question I like to ask non-virgins is why are you having sex? To which I have received answers varying from “Just for fun”, “I don’t really know”, “Everyone is doing it”, “It is necessary in a relationship” to “I just like it”. Basically, virgins about to dive in should ask themselves if they are really ready to start having sex? If you cannot come up with a solid answer, reconsider if it’s actually worth it. Non-virgins are capable of making the pact to be celibate too. Being celibate is staying a virgin but in another form.

One more thing to consider are the risks associated with premarital sex. Is it worth it? Are you willing to carry the responsibilities that come with it? Like what? Pregnancy? You can always use contraceptives some say. What of the eventual side effects of the drugs? And sexually transmitted diseases? What about your future?

In summary, I’ll say everyone has a right to make decisions best suited for them and other people should respect that. But please, consider the reasons and set your boundary. Zone out irrelevant misconceptions. Being a virgin is very okay. Don’t get pressurized either. No should be no!

There is a MINE magazine specially curated for teenagers and youths which you will find particularly enlightening. Download a copy here and peruse it.

What is/are your opinion about virginity? Keep it or lose it? Got any tales associated with being a virgin or non-virgin? Share below. The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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  1. Wow!! This is one of d best articles I’ve read in a long time. Very beautiful writeup, I support your opinion fully.
    ..btw, do I have permission to download and use the ” love over lust ” image/pic u used in the article.

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