Ibadan Cab Drivers Palaver

“Na wa oo!”
I muttered as the car gear smacked against my thigh for the seventh time. The woman next to me, about twice my body size, asked in resignation: “The gear right?”
“Yes!” I answered.
“Two people are not supposed to sit in front na.”
The driver muttered an apology and turned the gear again like someone possessed.

Ibadan Cab Drivers Palaver

If you’ve ever experienced this thing cab drivers do, you’d understand just how annoying it can be. Imagine the front seat of a normal car. Got that? Now picture two and half of me trying to sit on it at the same time. Like whyyyy?

Why would these cab drivers force two people to sit on that tiny chair and yet charge the same price as the other people in the cab. It’s so inconvenient. Like the gear and other parts would be hurting you and yet you can’t complain. Some drivers would just roll their eyes like it’s none of their concern. It’s not right!

On one occasion, the driver had already put a pillow between the seats so the second person can’t complain. What difference does it make?

But then what can we do? I do try to avoid sitting there and wait for another cab to come by but sometimes that I’m probably late already, then there’s no other option then to sit in the dreaded front seat. Have you experienced this before? Can you relate? Do comment. How did you overcome? Or how do you think we can overcome?


  1. Lool. that’s even better. In Ekiti State where Im serving, passengers sit with on the driver’s seat with the driver.And most times, it’s me, cos I’d be the smallest in the car
    And like you, I’m probably late for work already, so Ive got no choice
    That Kinky Girl

  2. Its Really Annoying, but I do not seat in the Front but at the back,but Nowadays its even Four passengers at the back… I’m beginning to create Hatred For Cab ..

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