Open Letter: Dear Future Me

Hey loves!
I read a dear future me post on Journal Three Sixty’s blog. I liked her post and she did an open tag for those who might be interested in writing the post. If you’re reading this, I tag you. Just in case you’d like to join in.

Right now, I really don’t want to grow up but since it’s inevitable I might as well look forward to what my future self would be like.

Dear future me,
How are you? Much better than I am right now I bet. Remember those issues that seemed like a big deal back in college? They don’t matter now yeah? I told you they wouldn’t.

Did you eventually meet the guy of your dreams? Or he is someone who has been there all along? I bet he’s someone who was worth the wait. And he made you forget all that ever happened to you in the past. I bet he cares so much and listens to you. Perhaps he shares a lot in common with you and supports you every step of the way.

Did you get to publish your first book? You so much wanted to do that. Perhaps you’re a known writer now, like Chimamanda Adichie or a poet like ‘Tolu Akinyemi. Did you make it to Paris? Dance under the Eiffel tower? You’ve probably travelled to a few places you wanted to. Perhaps sunbathing in Cape Town with Blessing.

I bet a lot of people are wearing clothes you designed or made now. You’re probably a better photographer too and people yearn to hear you speak or recite poetry. Or perhaps you went for the modelling career. Did you learn to swim yet? I bet you chickened out. You’d blow me away with your awesomeness now.

How’s your hair now? Did your Afro eventually reach waist length? And your face, spotless now? I wonder if you’re above 6 feet in height now. Do you still cry when you think of how life is? And is plantain still the best food ever to you?

Dear future self, are you happy? I really want you to be. You’ve been through so much and deserve all the happiness you can get. If you’re not happy, please make yourself happy. I hope your dreams are coming true and you’re positive about what’s yet to come. This post might be my silliest post yet but I love you future self and I’m already proud of who you’d turn out to be.

Stay awesome

Yours in love,

2016 me.


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