My Near Death Experience

near death experience

Had my life flashing right in front of me sometime last week and funny enough, I didn’t feel scared at all. I just remained calm and waited for whatever was going to happen to happen. The trailer was so close to me and I couldn’t even feel fear. If you’ve ever been or almost been in a car accident, you’d understand these words. This near death experience prompted this post which I hope you’d learn a thing or two from.

I’ve never been scared of dying and it scares people when they talk about death with me and I act like it’s no big deal. They be like “Your family’s gonna be sad” and all that. See, it is a big deal and at the same time, it’s not. After your death, people will cry and miss you. Wish you were there with them to share in the new memories, thinking no one can ever replace you. But guess what? They get over it. Humans are programmed to adjust to whatever new situation they find themselves in.

So if you’re somewhere thinking ‘this person’ cannot do without me, you’re wrong. They will do without you just fine. Someone else will replace you and life will go on. And one day, you’ll be just a memory to them. They might even forget your face or what you look like or how you walk or talk. Then you’d be just a picture or a name to be said occasionally.

Simple truth is death is a passage into oblivion. It might be hard to live with the reality but really, you shouldn’t be scared and should live everyday like it’s your last. We could possibly all have a near death experience and if you do, you’d see what I mean. Do whatever you want to. Get that new haircut. The TV you’ve been eyeing, how about you get it now. Why not start that business you’ve got in mind? Keep your loved ones close because they won’t live twice. See, this moment you’ve got now isn’t gonna come back so live life and be so happy death won’t be one of your problems.

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