Five Super Tips For Bloggers

Five Super Tips For Bloggers

Hi readers,
Following my blog passing the 5000k viewers mark, I’m working on changing some things about the blog which you will get to know about soon. The ongoing strike in my university is being extended and trust me, it’s no fun at all with the current situation of the country. I hope you’re doing great on your side. Just thought I’d drop these tips for bloggers here. Hey I’m no expert but I hope you find them useful.

1. A cool theme

WordPress has a lot of themes for every blog, some of which are not paid for. Take your time to find one which matches your personality and blog content. It’s cool to play around but I have seen some blogs which have themes that are not suited for their content e.g. photography theme for long literary content. You might want to have a plain color background, not specifically white but a color that enables your readers see the blog content. Also put your readers into consideration. Don’t put up so many pictures because the theme allows it. Some blogs take so long to open on mobile phone browsers because of this. I don’t really fancy checking such blogs.

2. Organization:

Yes you want to make your blog detailed and all but do make everything organized, not too busy. There are a lot of extra sidebars e.g. social media links and posts which you can put on the blog but organize them to make the blog look neat and appealing.

3. About menu and categories:

This is one thing you should pay attention to. Some people could stumble on your blog and have no idea what is going on. The about section should have details of what your blog is about in case your blog heading doesn’t show that. I’m much too lazy to add other menus for the categories on this blog but I’m working on that. Having categories for example fashion, lifestyle; makes it easy to find content on your blog. Having a search sidebar would be cool too.

3. Cool images and captions

Also, images are appealing to readers. I try hard to put images on most of the posts I put up. Clear images make a difference. Fashion, food and lifestyle bloggers know this is a must. If you don’t have a camera to take picture with, make use of your phone and photo editing apps. Check out the one from this post. Captions also make readers eager to read your posts. I’m not really good at thinking up enticing captions but you could do that. I would be more eager to read “What you didn’t know about Shakespeare!” than “A review of the life of Shakespeare.”

4. Proper editing

Edit your posts carefully. Yes, there are moments when you have to put up a post in a haste. However, take time to edit your posts. Blunders are not cool on blogs.

5. Interact with your readers and co-bloggers

In the process of blogging, it is inevitable for readers to comment on posts you put up. Do make sure you reply their comments. Answer their questions and get to know their say about your post. Be mannered in answering their questions though. In a situation whereby a rude comment is made, best thing to do is to ignore the comment. Get to know your co-bloggers too. I have met a lot of cool people through this medium.

That would be all for now. Cheers to the love of blogging!


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      1. Uhm okay, so let’s say that suggestion is totally not cool…alright, I will join you in prayers so your school can call off their strike.
        But come to think of it, this is totally unfair, strike brings about unnecessary delay and sluggishness and who ever told them delay was the new cool???

        By the way, please follow my blog (am still brand new though)

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