Styling A Blue Off Shoulder Dinner Dress

Perhaps if we were Cinderella,

we’d leave the ball with both slippers.



Hi readers!
We are gradually slipping into the rainy season here in Ibadan, Nigeria and words can’t describe how much I love the rain. Once upon a time I used to be young and dancing in the rain was wonderful. Maybe words can *getting inspiration for a poem*

How are you doing today? The strike is still ongoing in my university, for about 6 weeks now. Lord help us in this country!

Listened to a radio program in a cab this morning on which an elderly male called in and gave “turning back to God” as a solution for this country’s problems. One of the passengers in the cab then commented “Who’s going to lead us back? Our leaders?”. I was going to comment but then I thought about it. He was actually right. Each person would just have to do their share of prayers till the country gets better.

What’s with the quote above? Sometimes I post my musings on my Snapchat story and Smallee wrote that line for my poem. It was about standing out and being different. I really like the line and did feel like Cinderella at the ball in this dress. ?

styling  A Blue Off Shoulder dinner dress

Off With The Shoulder

So I wore this blue off-shoulder gown to church and a luncheon on Sunday. Made by a famous designer? Nope! Tailor made? Yes. Kindly shoot me a mail if you’d like one. It’s made of satin and available in different colors.

offshoulder dinner gown

high low waterfall dress
Inappropriate for church you think? I adjusted the neckline. I’m loving the off-shoulder style trend a lot. It’s so cool having females confident enough to bare their neckline.

Although I’ve seen some pictures in which the style was overdone and parts of the body which were not supposed to show were visible. Some ladies can like to overdo things. My neckline looks like I need more food I know. I swear I don’t! ? And this pixie bob hairstyle seems to be trending also. I didn’t even intend to follow the trend.

What trend are you loving now? Guys and wide hats? Girls and denim? Vintage? Comment below ?

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  1. Immediately I saw the picture on Instagram I couldn’t resist coming to check the blog out. It was worth the time, love the dress and how it fits you❤️?.The pixie cut suits you nicely??? and loving the offshoulder trend too?

  2. I’ve seen the trend and I would really like to get an off shoulder dress as well. You look really lovely!

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