Valuable Lessons From Nicholas Sparks

Love in its myriad forms that demonstrates the many ways in which deeply felt relationships can break our hearts.. and heal them.

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I haven’t always been a fan of Nicholas Sparks until last month. A friend who shares my love for books suggested I check out his books back in February but it skipped my mind till one midnight I went through my old messages and I remembered. In his words “Nicholas Sparks will make you love love.” I doubted as at that moment but now, I have been convinced.

Valuable Lessons From Nicholas Sparks
Nicholas Sparks

He has published eighteen novels and two non-fiction books. His first books I downloaded were Dear John and The Last Song.

nicholas sparks

I really hate reading PDFs on my phone, it’s like one of the fastest ways for me to fall asleep. Hence, the reason it took so long for me to finish Dear John. You really need to read this book. Indeed I am starting to view love in another light, different from the way I used to.

Lessons I learned from Dear John include:
1. Love is sacrificial. John had to let go of Savannah even though he loved her just so Tim could have a better life with her. It was a tough decision to make but he had to.

2. Honesty is needed in every relationship. This was portrayed in John and Savannah’s relationship. John was sort of the bad boy but he did not hide this from her.

3. Family is important. Keep your loved ones close because they won’t live twice. Even though John didn’t exactly get along with his father, in his last years alive John did all he could to keep his company.

4. Balance your relationships. A slight problem occurred between Savannah and John when she was spending more time with her friends than him. A balance should exist between relationship, friendship and family. Create time for each of them.

5. Be real. Savannah fell in love with John just because he was real and just himself. He didn’t hide anything from her and this really helped their relationship. Also, no matter how scared you are, voice out your affection to whoever you love.

6. Losing someone can sometimes lead us to the real person that’s meant to stay. Learn to walk away no matter how it hurts, instead of dwelling on the past.

7. It is possible to have a long distance relationship that works. All that’s needed is communication, trust and two people that really want to be together.

8. Strive to attain your desired academic goals. Savannah wanted a Ph.D and she got it even though it wasn’t exactly easy.

Books really are wonderful! I’m going to read the other books from Nicholas Sparks. Did you know a couple of movies have been adapted from his books?

What’s your opinion about Nicholas Sparks? Read any of his books yet? Kindly comment.

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