6 Questions: Before You Buy A Camera

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Before You Buy A Camera

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It is yet another Thursday and this post should have been up since Tuesday but life happened plus Nigerian network providers are rather messed up. How do you do today? Great I hope. Thought I’d share bits of photography in today’s post. There are details and questions you should ask before you get that camera.

As bloggers, photographers and other creatives, having cool images is a very important part of branding. Now some people just go to the market or order cameras online without really knowing what the gadget entails. Check out the cameras I shared in the 5 best DSLR cameras. Six questions you should ask before you get that camera include:

1. Do you really need the camera?

I personally think if you will not be using your camera productively almost everyday, it is better to rent a camera or hire a photographer to do the job for you. It will save you money trust me. It is not okay spending a lot of money on a camera and to not use it well. Please! Do not think because you took one cool phone picture that you’re automatically a photographer and should buy a camera.

2. What features am I looking for?

It is advisable to list the features you’re looking for in a camera when planning to get one. There are cameras that are good for pictures only and this will not do if you plan to record videos with it as well. You should note that videos can be storage space consuming and drains battery power. Some cameras have good battery life while some don’t.

Normally, each camera brand lists each model’s features. Take time to go through the features and select whichever you think is best for you. Don’t be attractive to shape or color only. You should also ask a professional for help if you get stuck.

3. Can I afford it?

This is perhaps the most important question to ask yourself. If your pocket size isn’t large enough to afford the camera, go for something cheaper. You honestly don’t have to break your account to get a good camera. There are good but not so popular brands that are relatively cheap. Like my friend Peter Alawode would say, it is not the gadget that delivers good picture but how well you handle it. This leads to the next question.

4. Can I handle it?

Shooting with heavy cameras can make the image maker easily tired and also hard to carry about. Extremely technical cameras can also be frustrating. Find a camera that you can handle in various situations and that would be easy to setup plus you should be able to use other equipment such as lights or soft box with it easily. It can be a nightmare if your camera is so heavy it begins to weigh you down.

5. Is it easy to repair?

One problem usually encountered by photographers/image makers is lack of stores for getting cameras repaired or parts for the gadget. I had a pocket camera back in senior secondary school that my friend dropped on the floor. The lens controller got cracked and there was nowhere to get it fixed in Ibadan. So I was stuck with a busted camera for years until my dad finally took it down to Lagos. There are cameras whose spare parts are hard to get, you might want to stay away from such. Imagine dropping a camera that requires almost the cost price of the camera to fix it!

6. Is its work really satisfactory?

If you are going to be stuck managing a camera you are not completely satisfied with, reconsider the decision to get it. Your camera should make you really happy and not frustrated. It should fit at least 3 out of the needs and functionality you have in mind.

If you put these questions in mind before getting that camera, you can be rest assured of proper satisfaction. However, you can shoot me a mail at damiajibx@gmail.com if you have any question or get stuck. Cheers!

Which of these questions do you think is the most important to consider when getting a gadget? Which would you consider if and when you’re getting a camera? The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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  1. I can relate to one! Lemme really think about it cos I’ve been crying to get a camera since I have decided to embrace fashion blogging. I’m stuck between getting a photographer to take me pictures or me just using my iPhone camera and downloading cool apps to edit.

    Good post, Dammy

    1. I think the iPhone camera really is top notch and will do just fine until you’re ready to get your camera.

    1. I’m glad you were enlightened. When you’re ready to get one, do check out the post I have on affordable cameras.

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