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ankara cape dress

ankara cape dress

Hi readers!
How are you today? Fine I hope. One of the things I had in mind to work on this year is self-confidence and being more personal on the blog. Confession: I used to be somewhat insecure about my body. Surprised? Don’t be. There should be more to blogging right? Dealing with body insecurities is something a lot of teenagers and even adults go through.

Prior to Senior Secondary school, I was slightly a tomboy and it had an effect on how I saw myself as a female. I had friends with curves and all the feminine thing going on while I was just there. Some might call me a late bloomer but yes, I am one. At this present day, I still have slight insecurity about the way my legs look. I am 5’9 and my legs are long. My legs have been called all sort of names which make me hide them behind jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I do love myself but it’s okay to feel insecure once in while. I have also learned that we can’t all be perfect. Some people look up to billboard models and stars with perfect bodies but some of them confess to living a strict life and pushing themselves hard just to stay perfect.


ankara cape dress


But nature doesn’t make us all in the same size, shape, same nose type, hair color, bum size, beard type, muscularity and all which leaves some people wanting to be like someone else. People give advice about accepting yourself for who you are but it is easier said than done really. It is however possible to change some things about yourself. One thing I’ve learned is most of the insecurities come from our mind and the moment you tell yourself what’s right to think about yourself, you start to act like it.

I used to hate my height, feel conscious about my bust size, cry about my flat bum, used to be terribly shy and didn’t like my smile at all but right now? I adore my body! Heard of ladies who hate their stretch marks. Like why? Most importantly, the body isn’t all there is to a person, what about personality? What about intelligence? What about good habits? What about a good hustle? There is so much to love about yourself. And the major one, not letting other people’s say about your body affect you.

ankara cape dress

Being an undergraduate in a school with a lot of fine, sexy and smart girls, I have been compared so many times that I laugh at people’s ignorance now. Some girls cover up with makeup but if you have noticed, I don’t exactly wear makeup except there’s a need to. Love my face bare and I see no reason why anyone should feel unhappy with how their real face looks like. Every person has a unique thing about them and that is what makes them what they are. In summary, your body is yours and the temple of God. You and only you have a say on how you see it.

Now to today’s outfit, I have on the offshoulder ankara cape dress from The Brand Honey. It is available for order in all sizes. A cape is a sleeveless outer garment that is being attached to a cloth bodice which drapes the wearer’s back arms and chest. Capes have been on the fashion scene since the nineteenth century though it has had periodic returns. Capes are of different designs and they are a captivating piece.

ankara cape dress


ankara cape dress

I am not exactly one to follow fashion trends as I wear what I want whenever I want to. This is my first outfit with a cape and guess who chose the style? My mum! She knows how much I love offshoulder outfits. I styled this Ankara cape dress from The Brand Honey with studded open toe wedge (I still hate heels. Read why here) from Atmosphere and my glasses case came handy as a purse because why not? My sister’s pearl drop earrings completed the look. Just ignore my hair lol. This Ankara cape dress is perfect for any Owanbe and Sunday service slaying.

ankara cape dress

ankara cape dress

Pictures were taken by my good friend Timilehin who is also a student of Unibadan and one of the baddest photographers. Follow him on Instagram @tp_dapson

Ever had body insecurity issues before or you still do? How did you deal with it? Would you jump on the Ankara cape dress trend or let it slide? Share below. The best part of posting on this blog is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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  1. When i was in secondary skul too i had ds really big bum nd pple wud use dat to make jest of me, i always hated dat i had such big bum but look who z laughing nao lol, d things we feel insecure are usually things pple want, atyms I’d just think nd be lyk so i used to hate dis my bum dat pple are looking for nao lmao, i love my body d way it z, altho i think one just gets to a stage when u start embracing ur body. Love d dress especially d cape part.

    1. Ghen ghen! Big booty gang. Thank God you learned how to love yourself. Lol the way girls are desperate for big bum ehn.

  2. Hey Baby, you look dashing in that outfit you have on.. Really really… This post is brimming with so much confidence and wisdom.. If only ladies understood that beauty is a mindset thing, the world will be a better place. Me don’t care for trends and fashinable things too…loool… I wear what I feel like and if any fashion police bothers me, I would make sure that police is jailed and sentenced to life imprisonment… Great post…

  3. Biko, maka why na? Those legs I am seeing here look good. We all have body insecurities issues, I want to be more personal on my blog too, HS has even given a subtle hint to go ahead but mehn, it is scary! Lol.

    You are beautiful and i want you to always remember that, I am encouraging myself likewise with this post. thanks for sharing

  4. Dammy, please comman dash me your long legs.

    I really use to feel insecure about my body. This lingered on for too long until I felt there are other people who will pray and beg to have my body type. And I kept telling myself I am beautiful just like that because we are all created differently.

    And that was it, unconsciously the feeling disappeared.

    And the cape outfit is bam!!! Really lovely

    1. Lol *dashes you long legs* Aunty plix you’re too fine to be insecure. And yes, plenty people pray for your body type. Thank you!

  5. I can relate to this post ehn…. I used to be the youngest in my class and I feel all types of insecurities. I even blogged about it. O have realized that the key is loving yourself one step at a time and just ignoring people and seeing your own beauty. You have great legs by the way and I love your cape.

    1. Lol I’m one of the youngest in my undergraduate class too and feel so small when relating to all them older people. You’re so right! Thanks for your compliments love.

  6. Body insecurities are almost inevitable. It all depends on how we handle them, however, this is so difficult.
    I sometimes think I am adding unnecessary weight and I get so mad at myself for eating the little I struggle to eat.

    You have a lovely smile, thank you for sharing x
    Oréoluwa’s blog

  7. Hey you Dammy. I love this post. Like, it made me feel something. Body insecurities, chai. I actually can’t think of any rn. I know someone/many people have commented on my forehead, lol, my height(which they actually might have been envying) etc but for some reason, it never really got to me at least I can’t remember any for now. We’ll, apart from the constant teasing about small boobs which I find really hilarious and annoying at the same time. Lol. I definitely wouldn’t mind a change in that but then there’s always something we all wish we could change about our body parts which is fine. Imperfections are necessary. Lol @ easier said than done. So true.
    Your legs are great oh. You deserve a knock for hiding them with jeans. You think they’re long? Come see mine, lol. And oh, people always compare. I can’t believe you’re 5’9 ah! Probably because I’m that tall. Lol. xx
    My Jumping Tale

    1. Lol please no knock for me oo! Imagine you’re that tall too. “Imperfections are necessary” I love that statement.

  8. This body insecurity is really something for me, I CANNOT wear a sleeveless top or dress, BTW I love this your outfit. Am one of those ladies that hate their lines (shoulder lines, which I got by my sudden weight loss), seriously, am really insecured about it,even when people tell me my stretch mark are faded and fine(pls how is a stretch mark fine Oo), but it doesn’t affect my self confidence, like the overall me ain’t bothered.
    Am not just cool with having thin shoulder marks, like I can’t rock this your buriful dress now??.

    1. Awww I really pray you get to love every bit of you hunnie. There is no reason not to love your stretch marks. They might seem ugly to you but they are still a part of you. Lol you’ll love rock the dress soon you’ll see.

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