Five Lana Del Rey Tracks Currently On My Playlist

five lana del rey tracks currently on my playlist

Hellooooooo from the other side.
Happy new month folks! Suddenly it is the last quarter of the year. How do you do today? Very well I hope. In today’s post, I’ll be sharing five Lana Del Rey Tracks currently on my playlist. If you’re new here, welcome! Regular readers, big shout out to you. Please have a seat as this is about to be a cool ride.

I have been away for some days due to health issues. As some of you might know, school is currently on hold as the Academic Staff Union of Universities have embarked on another strike action. Been utilizing the extra break in resting, more work and completing my project. How did you enjoy the long Sallah weekend? Spent mine with the extended family. It’s amazing how being with them can bring so much joy.

So I discovered Lana Del Rey back in 2014 when updating my playlist from a friend’s. Elizabeth Woolridge Grant known as Lana Del Rey is an American singer and songwriter. She’s a graduate of Philosophy combined with Metaphysics. I got three Lana tracks then and decided to give her music a shot. The first thing I thought on playing the first track was why is she singing so sadly?

My love for her has since been fluctuating since, as some tracks are relatable and others have you wondering what’s going on. The beauty of Lana’s music is the way her satire voice convey different messages. She has about five studio albums and other EPs but my favorite is Born To Die from 2012. Let’s get to the five tracks currently on my playlist.

1. Carmen

Carmen tells the story of a girl struggling to make it in New York. So many envy her without really knowing what she’s going through. She doesn’t want them to be like her as she thinks she’s dying in that life, possibly depressed too. She drowns her sorrow and shame with alcohol. It is quite similar to Ed Sheeran’s A Team but from a different point of view. The inspiration for the song apparently came to her one night when she was out walking late on the streets of New York.

2. Love

This track is off the Lust for Life album dropped this year and talks about being young, free and in love. Truth be said, Lana’s voice is too amazing in this track. She hits this note in the chorus that’d have you clutching your chest. I am listening to it as I am typing this post. In love yet?

3. Young and Beautiful

This track featured on my Valentine playlist and it’s still as cool as ever. It talks love which goes beyond being young and beautiful. Lana sings about an eternal love and her assurance in knowing her lover will love her till then.

4. Blue Velvet

One of the many songs I can sing perfectly from beginning to the end. Doubt me? Signify in the comments and I might just surprise you. The song is short but talks about a fierce, confident girl in blue velvet and how Lana sees herself in her. The violin on this track though. Just perfect!

5. Dark Paradise

Dark Paradise is a fast beat track in which Lana sings about a relationship in which she’s utterly smitten but the fears of being left alone is prominent.

There you have them! What tracks have you been jamming lately? Leave a comment below.

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  1. you had the heart to choose from her masterpieces, me I cannot choose, all her songs are yum. her brand of sadness is welcoming oddly, makes me feel like she is talking to me and I’m enjoying the conversation. nice top 5 but mine is way lit 🔥 hehe.

  2. I’m just here wondering why people think it’s the last quarter of the year.

    I love ‘Young and Beautiful’ and the entire Great Gatsby soundtrack.

    Check out Omari’s When I Get To Heaven. His sampling of the track is awesome.

  3. My favorite of the five is dark paradise. Well done! I’ve been trying to compose something like this but I’m too scared to leave my books for a second. Shame on me, nerd. Well done once again. You go girl!

  4. As at when you wrote this post, I didn’t know who Lana Del Rey was. I got her album December last year and I’ve been in love since. my favorite is Born to die too and I love Born to die and Dark paradise. She has a mystifying and alluring voice. Love her.

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