His last days

All he wanted was to live
But he had the disease
The blood wouldn’t stop when he coughed
He’s getting better, he heard the doctor and nurses say.
He felt better
But there was something wrong
He sensed it
And he was scared
Scared because he didn’t want to die
Scared to leave these people depending on him behind
Of course death was a passage into oblivion
He knew that
He believed that
Because it was true
But yet he didn’t want to die
He had a son to raise
A son who was with his mother
His baby mama
She had been married twice
Taking the child with her
He had fought for him
But the child wasn’t with him
He loved him very much
But there was nothing else to do
The child looked so much like him
And wanted to be like him when he was grown up
The child adored his father
How would he live now?
How would he live when he learns his father was dead?
He has heard the voices in his head
And he has had dreams about them
Seen unknown faces
Faces determining his fate
Whether to keep him or let him go
Having a say over his life like they didn’t care about his own opinion
He would be discharged tomorrow the doctor said
He looked forward to it
Looked forward to being normal
Longed to return to the world outside the hospital
He’d recuperate in his brother’s house
And afterwards go back to work
Back to work in the other state
He has it all planned in his head
So he ate dinner and packed his stuffs in readiness for the next day
He got into bed feeling peace
He slept for a while
He made it to the next day
Then that dream
He was back in that meeting with unknown faces
They told him to go
That he was free
He was happy and he left the meeting
But one kept following him
Dark as the devil himself
He turned around to chase him
And back into the dark room they ran
He woke up coughing
Gradually choking on his own blood
What’s happening here? He thought
I’m well and would be discharged today
He held his chest as he tried to force air into the lungs
Slowly, he stopped struggling and down he laid on the bed
Never to take a breath again
Now he would be referred to as the body
A lifeless object
He was a father
He was a son
He was a brother
And he was an uncle
A darling uncle which would be missed
Everyday every time
I’m glad you’ve got the rest you deserve
Never again will anyone think you’re worthless
Worthless and incapable of achieving anything
I believed in you
Few of us did
Just couldn’t do anything to help
And that saddens my heart
Because I loved you and I wished you the best
Some things just can’t be reversed


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