Living – Life After Graduation and Adulthood

Life of Dammy Life After Graduation and Adulthood

Looking at the blog post calendar today, I realized how much time had passed since my last blog post. I was shocked, considering the fact that one of my new year resolutions is to post more this year. But really, navigating life after graduation and adulthood at the same time is not easy as I thought it would be.

There really isn’t a survival guide to this adulthood thing. If you happen to know someone who is a boss at it, kindly recommend so I can hit them up and learn too.

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What have I been up to? I obeyed the clarion call for National Youth Service in April and it has been a whirlwind since then. From moving to South-South Nigeria and having to adjust to a totally different environment from my beloved Ibadan. Language was a barrier and I was honestly not ready to learn. They have fairly different food too. I taught at a secondary school for about a month. It was a good experience I tell you. Just the disappointment that came from how little the interest students have in education these days, stemming from the fact that so many illegal things are paying big money these days.

I saw some of them wondering why they should go to school when they can become politicians and steal from the country. Needless say, their performance academically were majorly woeful. Majority of them in school could not even read nor write but yet, the school keeps them just for financial gains.

Anyway, I had to redeploy back to Lagos following an attack on our corper’s lodge by armed men. They were arrested after the incident but I could not wait around without guaranteed security. Moving back to Lagos has been blissful to an extent although finding a new workplace was a big problem.

It is dawning on me now the stress that comes with growing up – making decisions yourself, responsibilities, bills and having to work. The year practically sped by. Just a couple of months ago I was dealing with final year project and it seems like it was so long ago.

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Turning the big twenty one on Monday August 6! I have been posting a black and white photo series on Instagram which you can find right here . Follow me and check the series out. Each photograph is accompanied with a note about life. Why black and white? In black and white photographs, colors no longer distract and you can focus on the subject(s) of the photograph as well as emphasize emotions and details, establishing a stronger connection which might not occur in colored photographs.

playground media

I have quite a number of things planned out for the new birthday year and hope to share more on this blog. The first blog post went up December 2014, which means the blog turns 4 later this year. Not much to show for it as I have to admit, I have not been putting much work into creating content consistently.

On balancing friendships and relations, I am pretty much following the rule of reaching out when I can to those who really want to be a part of my life. I feel I have reached that point where I really don’t have to force friendships or remind people how to be friends. A close circle of people I care about would pretty much do it for me. Can you relate?

I do hope you’re living your best life and smiling wide. Keep it in mind that things could be worse and we all just have to be thankful. There is still so much that can still happen this year. How has life been so far for you? Do share below and your thoughts about this post.


  1. Dammy is back again with a post 😁 how I miss you content. And I do hope as you mark a new age, you stay consistent here.

    Adulting is really a big deal in one’s life. We never prepare for it because when it truly comes, we face a lot of events we never saw coming. Embrace it and prepare your mind for any eventuality.

    And I’m glad you managed to redeploy. I’ve always thought only the North was insecured, didn’t realize how much atrocity was being committed in the South South as such. Security is really a serious issue in our country and needs to be addressed.

    1. Hello Debs! Thanks for sticking around. I missed posting here too. Thanks for the tips. I’ll try to prepare myself mentally. Nowhere in Nigeria is safe. May God continue to protect us all.

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