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we talk sound

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If you’re regular here, you can probably tell how ecstatic I am about music from some of my previous music related posts. Well, if you are a music junkie and lover of everything music related, I’ve got information about the latest way to access Nigerian music on the web.

We Talk Sound is a music platform that seeks to celebrate Nigerian music using technology as well as a highly digital online presence. The online platform launched yesterday, 12th August. It would provide music reviews, polls, lists, analysis and features on artistes and their works.

Founded by Dolapo Amusat, with roots in Ibadan Nigeria. The overall goal is to give a voice to everybody in music conversations.

He sees a big picture ahead, where Nigerian music is presented and sold globally to the entire world in the most attractive and celebratory manner.

We Talk Sound (WTS) started humbly as a WhatsApp group of like-minded music-lovers, artistes, critics and producers a year ago. The community has grown, hosting two music events in Ibadan within the space of one year. Now, they are launching officially on the web as a digital music reviews and content platform, but they have bigger plans.

But guess what? The launch is merely the first step. The website intends to start a music incubation program very soon. This which would basically treat upcoming musicians, producers, sound-engineers and more as startups. It provides them with the resources they need to churn out and market their music, as well as guidance.

Also, there are intentions to launch a social networking application for music lovers, artistes, and other creatives to encourage conversations about Nigerian music. They would as well facilitate interactions and collaborations among creative people.

You can support the movement by writing about them on your website, following their accounts and sharing their posts on social media (@wetalksound), giving feedback and any other possible form of support.

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