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Breast cancer awareness

October all over the world is a month synonymous with pink which represents the fight against breast cancer. Now October might be over and this post is a bit belated (give it up for Nigeria’s network providers) but the talk about cancer isn’t. May the souls of those who have passed on due to cancer rest in perfect peace.

Spreading awareness about cancer was a very crucial part of the month so a number of we Nigerian bloggers from Lagos, Abuja and Ibadan inspired by Larisa and Winifred Atusue came together to create an awareness about cancer. We had these t-shirts custom made with a quote that resonates with our individuals and styled them according to our personal taste.

Nigeria bloggers cancer awareness

Breast cancer awareness

Cancer which is an abnormal growth of body cells and has more than 100 types, currently has no cure but can be treated through chemotherapy and radiation. We can only wait and hope there is a cure soon. I personally don’t know anyone who is suffering from cancer but I lost a friend to cancer two years ago and I can relate to the pain of losing a loved one to a sickness and I tell you, it is extremely life changing. It might seem like all facts and figures but there are actually folks who have to deal with this.

One of the ways cancer generally can be prevented is through early detection and treatment. The early sign for breast cancer includes a lump in the breast which can be detected by monthly checks. This can be done in several ways, one of which I practice and that is placing one hand behind the head and feeling the breast of that side with the opposite hand for lumps or an abnormal change in size.

Statistics estimate that about 400,000 Nigerians die from cancer annually and more than 4 million are currently living with it, men inclusive. So you see cancer isn’t just restricted to one sex. Bad news? Nope.

Some of the ways to prevent cancer include:

  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight
  • Exercising
  • Limiting alcohol intake and avoiding smoking
  • Breast screening in form of mammogram and examination

The only way to really fight cancer is through early detection or diagnosis and consequently treatment. If managed properly, it can be treated completely. Spreading the awareness about cancer goes a long way in the fight. It is important to share the knowledge with everyone.

The other bloggers who were a part of the awareness initiative are listed below and they have wonderful posts which are interesting and enlightening as well.


Ifeoma of Draped in Basics
Wumi of Wumituase
Lade of Lade’s Blog
Nonye of This Thing Called Fashionn


Breast cancer awareness

Debbie showing the checking method

Boluwatife of Pribodunke
Debbie of Tostda
Leye of Aojeniyi
Tolu of Toluajg


Bella of I am Brownie
Sarah of Princess Audu
Kachi of Staples and Style
Portia of Just Porsh
Chinju of Attics
Vanessa of Style by Ohaha
Oluchi of D Leona Life
Larisa of Larisa Le Fleur

Like my shirt says, real friends don’t let friends fight cancer alone. Support the cause fighting against cancer. Spread the word and save the tatas. We shall overcome!

P.s: The winner of the Boom headphone is Franklyn Ikemefune. His comment had me the most and I really wish him the best in his music endeavour. Forget me not when you make it lol.


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