Victorian Type of Shoes

victorian era of shoes

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Long time no post. So sorry I’ve been away from the blog for a while. School and life have been quite tasking. Thought I’d share this post about Victorian type of shoes. The Victorian Era occurred years ago but when is fashion never evergreen? Some of these terms might seem old-fashioned but trust me, looking them up will have you more enlightened.

Notable for their black lace-up style, pointed toe and uniquely beveled heel, the Victorian-era boot has transitioned into modern-day fashion movements. Arguably the first heeled shoe to be widely accepted, the heel common on Victorian boots was the predecessor of today’s pump. Now, the Victorian boot has found a new home in a number of popular fashion trends and can command a pretty penny as a versatile member of any fine wardrobe.

Portrait of a Beautiful Victorian Lady

Taking a cue from science fiction, the steampunk fashion trend merges vintage beauty and technology into one refined look filled with sass. Victorian boots certainly have relevance in Victo fashion trend, offering both a vintage elegance and a hardware aesthetic. The jet black eyelets and sturdy laces typical of Victorian boots draw on the technical component of the style. A pair of these boots, whether short or tall, can really cap off a steampunk look and take it to the next level.

victorian type of shoes

The World of Anime Fashion
Anime has introduced a number of fashion trends and subcultures that are captivating many young people. Some of these fashion trends could get plenty of use from unique look of the Victorian boots, such as the Lolita and mori girl looks.

The Lolita fashion subculture basically takes a nod from both Edwardian and Victorian style. With variations on the overall look from Gothic to whimsical, the Lolita style gives a nod to many popular styles sported by European aristocrats. So whether it’s the harder or softer side of Lolita fashion, Victorian boots can be truly invaluable footwear when trying to pull off the ultimate Lolita look.

While not an immediate inclusion in the mori girl look, the Victorian boot adds such a lovely organic angle to provide a beautiful contrast to the lace and layers typical of this anime-inspired sub-fashion. Also known as forest girl, mori girl is somewhere between boho meets forest nymph. Floral patterns and oversized pieces cascade in softness on women sporting mori girl looks. So while they are not as intrinsic to this fashion trend as they are to lolita, the beautiful colors and angles of modern Victorian-inspired boots can be paired with soft floral and cream lace for a dramatic statement.

Victorian Women Shoes

And, Witches Too
Victorian boots which is another Victorian type of shoes iconically look like witch shoes. In today’s creative fashion subcultures and borderline-obsessive cosplay trends, Victorian boots may be just what’s needed to accomplish the perfect likeness of a favorite character. Today, the look of yesteryear has gained new momentum as the fashion-forward look to Victorian boots for the perfect final touch to their look du jour.

Which of these Victorian type of shoes would you rock? Did you notice some of the shoes trending now look similar to some of these Victorian type of shoes? Flats and heels, which is your favorite? Let us talk below. The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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  1. D victorian lifestyle generally z sumfin I’m always in awe of, d dresses, courtesy etc dese shoes scream grace nd poise nd they look super comfortable too. I think i see mules, I’ve bin attracted to dem a lot lately

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