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The hardest rock will yield to those who drill with determination.

This has been my philosophy for 6 years and will be for years to come. My mother once pointed out how stubborn I can be when I make up my mind to do something and I won’t stop until I do it. August 2015, an idea was conceived to change the way natural hair lifestyle in Ibadan was and yesterday the outcome was launched. Good news! Ladies and gentlemen, the first natural hair social community (and another products shop) in Nigeria went live yesterday!

We had the first Ibadan hair meet up October last year and the second this year. Although the site was supposed to be launched last year, some issues occurred and it wasn’t. Back in October, we announced at the event that a blog would be launched soon. I had October in mind for the launch but due to another reason, it didn’t launch. From a blog to a full website, all thanks to God.

There is so much we are capable of doing if we just try and be determined. If anyone had told me last week that the site would be up and running now, I would have laughed in disbelief. Five days ago, I had no idea of what the site would be like. I called up a hosting company based in Ibadan to see if they could work on it and my calls were not returned, neither were my mails replied.

Left with nothing but my undergraduate course knowledge, I plugged in my laptop and merely gave it a shot without any help from anyone. Stayed up for three nights working on the site. Every single detail on the site was set up by me. If you’d like to set up your self-hosted site, email me. To the glory of God, we are live! Thank you to everyone who was a part of this or gave support in any form.

vintage and good news

vintage shirt

By the way, can we just appreciate how timeless and ever trendy vintage shirts are? Vintage T-shirt was top of my fashion must haves at the beginning of this year and I’m totally smitten. I got a couple from BeadornedbyYettie and I paired this black and white one with denim shorts. My first try at wearing shorts outdoors. Yeah, I discovered I am somewhat self-conscious of my long legs.

Denim goes with almost everything yeah? One of my black flats came handy as usually and these black and blue pretwisted braids from House of Naturals online shop is totally serving me cool kids vibe. Casual style is so my thing! These pictures were taken by my photography buddie Peter Alawode who took the pictures from this post.

vintage shirt

vintage and good vibes

It would make me really happy if you could check out The House of Naturals site and leave your feedback. Sign up to join the community and socialize with other natural hair people. And do check out the shop. You get 10% off all your cart purchase when you use the code ‘hon10’ and we’d deliver to any part of Nigeria. Great right? Tell a friend about this. We need you and your support to grow! Thank you so much.

nigerian fashion blogger

It is not too late to start whatever you want to. We have over a month left in this year. All it takes is for you to try. I pray God help us all with our plans and dreams. Basking in vintage and good news. Vintage gang members in the house! How do you wear your vintage outfits? What’s your favorite way of wearing denim? The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

P.s: I noticed that WordPress keeps reducing the quality of the pictures on my post. Just had the scariest twenty minutes of my life as I tried to edit my functions.php folder. How do you get good images on your blog posts? Can anyone recommend a plugin or something? Thanks!

Do tell a friend to tell a friend to check this blog out.

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  1. Congratulations darling!!! Super excited for you…You are just beginning. I’m glad I’m an acquaintance. And to think I tagged you in a post the other day on how you future me through the process of moving my followers to my self hosted account!!!

    You are a star darling!!??

    And you rocked the vintage??Love the casual look. I rock mine whichever ready it comes.

    Heading to check HON!!!

    1. Hey hey hey. I’d write epistle on how much I appreciate you but you’re probably exhausted from work while reading this so I’d just say thank you so much Debbie. You’re one of the coolest ladies I’ve met on the blogosphere.

  2. Aww Dammy or is it Oyinda? Lol. Congrats. Super proud of you. Hehe. And excited too. The fact that you actually did the whole site designing yourself is great. I’m not a naturalista but the site sounds like a really cool idea and i’d check it out. Welldone dear. Oh, vintage shirts are everything. I wear them anyhow with my mood being the major determinant. Happy New Month.

    Life|Hello December

    1. Lol Dammy or Oyindamola, either works hon. I’m grinning from ear to ear. Thanks so much for the love Laitan. Vintage shirts are dope!

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