Single bells, single all the way!

Hi readers!
Just had to use the post heading because it sounds cool (I think)

Happy Christmas eve!


With less than 6 days to the new year, I’d thought somehow, someway, I wouldn’t end this year single. Lol silly me.
Well, seems like I just might. Don’t get it wrong, I am not unhappy about my singleness state and I’m not elated either. Just cool with it.

Being single has opened my eyes to a lot of things, helping me discover myself and my potentials. My daddy would say it is quite wrong to move from one relationship into another. You should take time to resolve yourself emotional. Find out what happened in your last relationship and if it happens to be your fault, you should work on whatever it may be.

Being single is great but you really should know yourself well. If you don’t love yourself, it will be difficult to love someone else.
Don’t feel bad if you’re ending this year single, the new year will bring greater things. Beautiful things!
Just keep your head high and be you.

Had some photo shoots over the past week, can’t wait for you guys to see the pictures. Meanwhile, you can follow me on instagram @mystique_dammy to keep up with me.

And huh, can you please drop a comment about what you’d like to see/change on the blog? Thank you! 💕

A tale of two kids


I write a tale
Of the one who brings joy
He did bring joy to her
And it was all that mattered
At a point
The easy laughter
The late night walks
Dinner and talks
They were not lovers
But more than friends
Many people thought they were
So did he

He wanted more
So did she
But what fear could do
Have you not heard
Heard the feelings of a man is not static
The fear she gave into
Mainly minding mental matters
He did not understand
Felt rejected and withdrew
Leaving her in a state of confusion
He was hurt
She was hurt
They both were

Neither said anything to each other
They drifted apart
He moved on
She waited
Hoping for another chapter of their story
Months later
Pent up feelings came loose
She couldn’t bear it anymore
The feelings of a man is never static
He did nothing
And her feelings she closed up
Never to speak again

After all
The feelings of a man is never static
That she accepted
Things were never the same
And it seemed just like yesterday
They met in the love garden
Which harbours different tales
Like this one

The end

Musings: The other night


A lot of people find it easy to talk about
She doesn’t
It made her uncomfortable
And annoys her more when people talk about it
Don’t know why
But she found it a weird topic to talk about

Don’t blame her
You could blame the church
She was raised up like that
Turned over
Over in her bed
Adjusted the pillow her head rested on
Changed her mind
Grabbed the pillow under her head
Placed it on her head
Silly thing to do
But she was trying to muff the noise
The noise coming from next door

They’ve been at it for over an hour
The neighbours
And she was really getting angry
Her roommates were asleep
Dead to the noise
Why won’t they shut up?
She had an early class the next day

He kept going on and on
And she could hear the occasional slaps
When the lady protested she’s had enough
Someone must have taken something wrong
Turned over again
The beeping notification for her phone’s low battery
Added to her headache

She faced the ceiling and made images
Images with her eyes
An old man with a beard
An ice cream truck
A black cat
Her late uncle

He gave his last sound of ecstasy
And everywhere became quiet
This time
She closed her eyes
And slept

The first time 2


“Is this how you get girls to kiss you?” She asked and rolled her eyes.
He looked at her and asked
“What do you mean?”
She could tell he was shocked by the question and slightly annoyed.
“Nothing” She said and shut her mouth.
She was having a hard time trying not to kiss him because it was obvious they both wanted to. She was just being the stubborn girl. Give her a break. She hasn’t had a kiss in like a year. She kept looking at him. Trying to study him the way she study other people but he had this thing around him she couldn’t decode. She couldn’t read him and she hated it when that happens. Studying people makes it easier for her to tell the people of person they are and if she’d like to associate with them or not. But he, he was different and that intrigued her. He kept playing her song. The one that usually turns her on but she wasn’t feeling anything now. Because she didn’t want to. It was their first meeting and it would be awkward if they kissed. She knew the lyrics of the song and each word only seemed to make the situation difficult to resist. Over and over the music played and she thought. Just one kiss wouldn’t hurt. Smiling inwards, she turned towards him and went in for it.

Musings: A deep poem


You were my star
I loved you for who you were
But you chose to break my heart
You shattered it with a bat
Shot through it a dart
Though I did my part
Now I’m sitting at the bar
Tired to try to bring you back

My love I would have had you surround
Would have always been around
To spin you round and round
To sing the love sound
Your misery I would have found
And bashed to the ground
Our love like the fox and the hound
Sought after like the Pound
Picture perfect and beyond

You listened to voices that turned your heart away from me
When what I felt was actually real
And it was deep
Deep like the sea
What I had in mind won’t come to be
Right through you I could see
Loving you and free

Musings: The real deal?



I never would have guessed
That every word you texted
Was just all lies
For me you’d never die

All I wanted was something real
Close to the main deal
The lies from your mouth
In which comfort I thought I found

I don’t even know what to feel
Or what to think
Now I’m wondering why
Do you believe in the I love you reply?

Because I thought I’ve reached the end
Thought in you I found a boyfriend
But you’re flirting
And me, you’re playing

Are you happy with yourself?
If I were you, I’d be ashamed of myself
Emotion is not a toy
So stop acting like an uncultured boy

Musings: Tale of a crush

Another day another life
Another you another time
So I thought
The feelings in my heart I fought

Many times when I lay in my bed
I have a lot running through my head
Over and over these words I’ve written
Yes, I have been smitten

I am confused right now
Love keeps pulling me to the ground
The so called crush
That sends through my heart a rush

Has made it very clear
He doesn’t want me as a dear
Not with his words
Which he hasn’t drawn as a sword

But his action
And my deduction
Shows he doesn’t want me as a friend
So they might be the end

Of this stupid obsession
Which should have been a perfection
You’ve seen me all
At my biggest and when I’m small

In deep tears and in distress
My weakest and my strongest
I’ll try to get over you
That seems like a sensible thing to do

The last time

Last time I saw you
You looked worse than you used to
Before the breakup
And you begging me to come back
To come back and give it another try
You looked unhappy
I smile and pull my hair
Been doing that lately
A sad sort of smile

Could it be?
Could it be you’re sad because I left?
You know boys pretend they’re tough
But inside they’re sometimes mushy
Sometimes I miss you
And sometimes I hate you
Don’t get me wrong
I don’t want you back
We’ve been on the love page before
And I burnt that book a while ago
What’s burnt can’t be put back together
What’s broken can’t be fixed

Got this message for you
Never doubt your feelings
If you have a cause to wonder if you love or not
Then you don’t
And don’t ever play with anyone’s emotions
Just be honest
And live with a clear conscience

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