Poetry || Of Lies Doctors Tell

Of Lies Doctors Tell

Doctors are
unfortunately liars

The one who promised
the injection wouldn’t hurt
and it would be swift
– but the needle said otherwise
The buttocks know the story of the pain

The one that promised
Uncle B was fine
and would soon be discharged
– but two days after
had death pay him a visit

The one that promised
he was different from other guy
– but like many of his demon caliber
on a heart breaking spree
Forgive me
Forgive him lord

The one who dispenses
lenses to help see better
– but just for profit
and years down the line still shortsighted

I don’t believe or like them doctors
They make pain too easy.

– Dammy

Of Lies Doctors Tell is a piece from my book Heartistic. To read more, get a soft copy on Okada Books here and hard copy via Amazon here. You can find my writings under the Writings category. Read and share your thoughts maybe? Thank you.

Flash Fiction: Falling

“Temisan.” Mother whispered.
“Temisan wake up.”
I reluctantly opened my eyes and saw she was out of the bed, looking out through the window.
“My God.” She said.
“Mama what is it?”
She came over to my side.
“Remember son, you must be strong at all times.”
“Mama what’s going on?”
She pushed me under the bed and told me to stay quiet. I heard footsteps coming slowly towards our room and the door was flung open. Someone came in but I couldn’t see who as the light was off in Mama’s room.
“Agatha!” A raspy male voice called.
“Why are you here?” I heard her say.
“My son. I am here for him. He has been away from me for too long.”
“Never! I won’t let you take him. He won’t become irresponsible like you.”
I heard a slow chuckle coming from the stranger. He advanced towards her and grabbed her by her neck.
“Temisan run!” Mama called out.

As if pushed by some force, I sprinted from underneath the bed and found myself running towards the open front door. A gun shot sounded behind me and I hesitated.
But run she had said. So I ran towards the main road.
“Temisan!” The street seemed to echo.
Exhausted, I crouched on a path by the side of the road. In a blink of an eye I was falling, down into the dark. Falling into the unknown. My feet landed with a splash and I became aware of the walls around me. I was in a well.
“Mama!” I screamed.

“Mama!” I muttered.
“Were you talking to me?” Ik asked.
“Not at all.”
“I thought you said something.”
I shook my head and turned my attention back to the control panel of the aircraft I was flying in front of me. The blue sky seemed a bit dull today and it was probably because of the harmattan weather. It made it easy to manipulate the aircraft though.

Then my eyes saw it. My heart skipped a beat.
“Ik!” I shouted.
My co-pilot Ikeoghene turned towards me.
“Was this aircraft refueled yesterday?”
“I don’t know. I’m not in charge of that.”
“Oh my God! Ik this craft has hardly any fuel in it!”
The body of water underneath us was almost making me hyperventilate.
“Chimo!” He exclaimed.
“What do we do now?” I wondered, my heart starting to beat fast.
“There should be parachutes in the supply trunk.”
“So we jump out?”
“There’s no other choice. We can’t make it.” He gestured towards the red light blinking under the fuel meter.
I put the craft on autopilot, my heart racing now. Oh my God. I’m going to die.

“Temisan have it.” Ik handed me a parachute. The red light was blinking faster now and the plane was starting to swerve.
“Temisan let’s go!”
“I can’t do this. I’m hydrophobic.”
“I can’t stand water.”
“You be officer like this?”
Ik pulled open the emergency exit open.
“We have less than 10 seconds.”
“Ik I can’t do this.”

Then came flashes of memories.
The gunshot resounding.
Temisan run!
The walls of the well closing in.
Mama! I’m drowning.
Is anybody there?
It’s that boy from the house down the street. His father shot his mother and himself you know.
A missionary is adopting you.
I want to be in the air force.
Mama! I’m drowning.

“Temisan let’s do this. The plane is on fire!”
“I can’t. I’ll fall to my death.”
“Come on. I’ve got your back.”
“You’ll leave. Just like Mama did.”
“Oh boy I’m not going to leave you.”
He grabbed my hand and counting to three, we jumped out.
In the free fall, the wind hit my face and I could feel freedom and a faint voice like Mama’s
“Temisan face your fears.”
But I was falling.
Falling but free.


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Poetry || New Beginnings

new beginnings

From my window,
I see disorder across the road,
grownups fighting over
issues children shouldn’t;
clothes being ripped
punches thrown,
peace being disturbed
and yet from a tree on this same road,
an egg breaking,
an anxious mother gleeful
as the young one popped out.
Yet again in the midst of chaos,
peace can be found
and so can new beginnings.
– Dammy

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Flash Fiction || Head Quarters

head quarters fiction

“Jerome don enter!”

“Run for your lives!”

Wigs were grabbed, underwear retrieved as each of the seven girls struggled to vanish from sight.

“Where’s Hanifa?” Light skinned Chinwe asked me when we were back safely in our rooms, panting from the race we just had up the stairs.

“Chisos!” I had totally forgotten about the 16 year old new intake. I said a quick prayer against Jerome on her behalf.

“I’ll fetch her,” I said as I hurried back outside only to catch a glimpse of her with Jerome. He was smiling at her and she was smiling back sheepishly too. Next thing his right hand was on her arm, resting there casually. I cursed silently and walked towards them.

“Jerome how na?” I hailed.

“Philo! I’m good o! You no tell me say you have new catch here na.”

“This one is not for business,” i said and beckoned to Hanifa to go indoors. She left reluctantly, batting me an annoyed look. I turned back to Jerome who was looking at her lustfully.

Oh no, I groaned in my mind.

“Why are you here?” I queried.

He threw his head back in laughter. His teeth were stained yellow with tobacco and looked like an abandoned wicket chair.

“What do you do here?”

I rolled my eyes and hissed.

“No be head quarters this place be?”

I gave no answer.

“Is that not the name of this establishment?” He added as he moved closer to me, so close I could smell his alcohol ridden breath. he reached out for my waist and I struggled for freedom.

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Poetry || The African Woman

life of dammy The African Woman

I am an African woman
Do not insult me
When you see tears water down my face
Salty like the Pacific

Do not insult me
When my breast sag
Like pillows without stuffings
Mighty generations have suckled on them

Do not insult me
If my back seems slightly bent
Like arc of the mathematical ellipse
Heavy loads have rested on them

Do not insult me
When my skin crack
Shea butter did try
But I worked to make better more lives

I am an African woman
And Africa where I come from
We work hard.

Picture taken by me.
Model: Dennis Jane

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11 Thoughts At 11 O’Clock

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11 Thoughts At 11 O'Clock

1. People seem to be so good at analyzing the problems present in their country of residence, in Nigeria for example. But why is it so hard to provide solutions and work on them then?

2. I’m starting to think this off shoulder trend is really here to stay. I have seen so many styles made with different clothing material by different designers. Can we give kudos to budding fashion designers please? The likes of MzJolaade, Tobi, Nedoux and every one else doing good.

3. Am I the only girl who finds arrogant guys quite annoying? I mean I could be crushing on a guy but the moment he opens his mouth and starts bragging, that’s it. It’s done. Bye boy!


4. Looking forward to the day I’d make a snow man and snow angels. Nigerians in the diaspora and those who have been outside the country, how far na? How did your first time seeing snow feel like?

5. That feeling when you can’t sleep overnight because of insomnia and you finally get some shut eye but someone wakes you up shortly after. *steam exits the ears*

funny meme

6. Please, in the spirit of love and sharing that Christmas preaches, could you please show me some love? Top of my wish list is a visor (preferably from @aquearts), new shoes, red velvet cake/cupcakes ( you can order one and have it delivered to me), Cassie Daves’ 2017 blog planner and more vintage wears.

7. Girls, don’t you just love that feeling when the day is over and the bra comes off. Hmmm yeah sweet freedom.

8. How did braids even come into existence? I mean one person was probably just sitting down and goes “oh, let me wrap this hair around the other a couple of times”. Hahaha.

9. Education is overrated. Yes I said it! Four years of studying, a year for masters degree and then what? But actually tertiary education is cheap in Nigeria.

10. That moment when you’re telling your mum about an event/incident and you remember how it ended was crazy. *clears throat* So mummy how’s that your friend?


11. I’ve always wondered what goes on in the mind of people who drink and drive. Let’s picture it shall we? The eyes are ditzy and the vision is blurry yet you’re trying to convince yourself that you’re okay. Lol issokay! Continue oo! Fast lane to heaven. Don’t drink and drive. Like I always tell my friends, turn up with sense especially in this festive season.

Yet another set of 11 thoughts at 11 o’clock. Which ones can you relate to? How are preparations for Christmas going at your side? 16 days to go! Check out some other thoughts here and here

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Poetry || Loved You

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t into you
Going crazy over hearing your voice
Every time I hear your stutter,
My body emerges,
It yearns,
And it urges
To feel your embrace;
To taste you,
Feel you
But my heart caves in
Like your dimples
And there’s a big hole in my chest
Like the gap in your teeth.
I’m in love with the thoughts of us,
The kisses we shared on those nights,
The heated touches
And our bodies pressed into each other.
The glances you shoot in my direction
When we’re in the presence of company
And I know I can’t replace it.
It hurts that you don’t see
But I wish I’d be lying if I said I loved you.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t into you
Stumbling over words at the sight
Astounding I find you
Frenzied at your touch
Addicted like a junkie
To the thought of you
And I’d be lying if I said I loved you
My heart is a howling wolf
Head raised and throwing caution to the wind
Hair flying and toes curling
I am in love with the low moans
My arching back
The whirlwind blowing the curtains
I see these other couples
And imagine we were one
Perhaps we could be
But I’d be lying if I said I loved you.

– Smallee x Dammy

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