6 Questions: Before You Get That Camera

Hi readers! It is yet another Thursday and this post should have been up since Tuesday but life happened plus Nigerian network providers are rather messed up. How do you do today? Great I hope. Thought I’d share bits of photography in today’s post. There are details and questions you should ask before you get

Five Funny Misconceptions About Me

Hi readers! How are you today? Very well I hope. Been jampacked with school work over the past weeks and I am starting to consider working out a posting schedule so as to be more regular here, probably Mondays and Fridays. The blog stats have not been smiling. Any way, I was thinking of doing

Guest Post: How to Find Love While Traveling

Hi Life of Dammy readers! Sandra Enaholo Dare of Jumia Travel (Yes! The hubby’s surname is making a first appearance. Check out the details of my Lagos wedding story here) present with yet another awesome travel post. A rather lovely part of traveling is falling in love and there are stories of happily married couples

10 Fun Things To Do As An Introvert

Hi readers! *inserts Summer Time Sadness as soundtrack* Happy weekend! How are you today? Very well I hope. Finally done with most of my tests and super glad this weekend is a long one. Thank God for May Day! Over to today’s post. My personality is a mixed one and I see myself as an

School Is Hard Fam!

Hi readers! Long time no post. Hope you are fine today? This week has to be the longest I’ve had this month. Had a test every day and exams are slowly creeping on us. I need sleep. Scratch that. I need sleep plus a vacation for a couple of weeks but that’s probably not coming

Guest Post: How To Save Money For Travel

Hi readers! Sandra of Jumia Travel here. Ever nursed the dream of traveling the world but have little funds to bring it to a reality? You are not alone. A good number of travelers confessed to not having sufficient funds for travel at the beginning of their “travel career”. A lot of people have issues

Candid Talk: Getting Over A Fuckboy

Hi readers! How are you today? Great I hope. So far I have failed at beating last year’s record of blog posts in March. Please accept my apologies. Back with yet another candid talk post and this one is based on personal experience. I posted a series sometime last year relating to fuckboys and you

Flash Fiction: Falling

“Temisan.” Mother whispered. “Hmm?” “Temisan wake up.” I reluctantly opened my eyes and saw she was out of the bed, looking out through the window. “My God.” She said. “Mama what is it?” She came over to my side. “Remember son, you must be strong at all times.” “Mama what’s going on?” She pushed me