Casual Street Style Featuring o21 Designs

One term that defines my type of style best is casual and if you randomly run into me in public, you can bet on me having jeans and a T-shirt on except on Sundays and special occasions. Through the course of being a student, having to go for lectures made casual style almost too convenient and I must say I have become used to it. Today’s blog post is about casual street style featuring o21 designs.

o21 designs is a Nigerian brand into graphics, corporate branding, customized T-shirts and creating creative solutions. They are based in Lagos Nigeria but however provide deliverable items. They make branded items such as mugs and souvenirs as well, on both small and large scale.

Custom T-shirts design started in the early 1950s when some companies in Miami started decorating T-shirts with the names of local resorts and other tourist attractions. Custom T-shirts in recent times are used as a medium of expression and passing information through which individuals can express their political and social views, advocate for causes, or just to amuse people.

Casual Street Style Featuring o21 Designs

Casual Street Style Featuring o21 Designs

Still journeying on the natural hair lane, this T-shirt had my heart with the caption. The quality is top notch and it is super comfortable. This caption says everything, answering questions from those moments I have been questioned on why my hair is not relaxed or why did I choose to go natural. I have been natural for over two years now and honestly, there are days being natural is blissful and other days it’s just plain annoying.

My hair shrinks a lot and can be difficult to maintain which makes me put it in protective styles most times. However, I discovered leave in conditioner is super great in softening it up. It is my choice to go natural after all and I intend to enjoy the process all the way even on its bad days. Trust me, I have had some of those days in which you try out a YouTube tutorial and it comes out like nothing you watched your favorite YouTuber do. Who can relate?

Casual Street Style Featuring o21 Designs

I styled the inscription T-shirt with track pants which was a trend last year and paired it up with sneakers because casual is the way. The sunglasses was last minute accessory. How cute are my earrings from Nigerian jewellery brand Zivanora? You can style the T-shirt with other pants or skirt color as white goes with everything. Plus the caption T-shirt is available in other colors. Other ways to style this T-shirt includes; with a skirt and flats, with a skirt plus a jacket with high heels, with jeans with flats or sandals and with dungarees and sandals.

As an advocate of supporting Nigerian brands, I rate this T-shirt 10/10 as I really love it and would gladly order more and so should you too. Side story, the pictures in this post were all taken by my dad and he had so much fun at it that it brought back memories of him introducing me to photography when I was younger. Could you tell the pictures were taken at Tafawa Balewa Square Lagos? The place is really cool and a great site for taking pictures although the bus station officials told us to keep our camera at a point.

Casual Street Style Featuring o21 Designs


You can find and shop from o21 designs here. The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post? Are you a fan of casual style? What is your go to fashion outfit? What do you think about inscription T-shirts? Do leave a comment below.

Candid Talk: World Virginity Day Bants

world virginity day bants

Hi readers!
How are you today? Very well I hope. Happy new month! I am so sorry it is coming late from my end. Intended to post last week but there was a slight issue with the blog. Anyway, we are back and running! So yesterday June 10, was the World Virginity Day and it is a day set aside for informing people about the need to keep the v. Thought I’d share a post on World Virginity Day bants.

I came across the day first on Doctor Timi’s website. Been following him for a little over two years now. He runs the MINE ministry and started The World Virginity Day. Virginity is an issue I avoid talking about because of the several controversies surrounding it. I hate controversies (except it’s relating to Dan Brown).

no sex until marriage

The aims of this movement is to create a norm in which people don’t have to compromise their virginity just for fun. In Doctor Timi’s words:

Currently, we live in a world, where the media is telling the young chaps to “DO IT”. Please do a survey in your local schools and you’d discover that virgins are ashamed of their “status”. Their friends make them feel like weirdos or outcasts. It wasn’t like this in the beginning. We want virgins to know they are doing the right thing. We want to strengthen them by letting them know they are not alone.

virginity day

Personally, I have had very odd moments in which non-virgins looked at me like a weirdo or even ask why in the course of a conversation. Why stay a virgin? Why not? In this generation of ours, people have different opinions about sex particularly premarital sex and I have mine too. I believe sex is beautiful and worth waiting for. I know there’s no sense in rushing something I’d eventually spend a large part of my life enjoying.

Contrary to some opinions, staying a virgin doesn’t mean you would have a happy marriage same way not being a virgin can assure you of a happy marriage or relationship, it depends on the two people in the situation.

One thing I noticed though, hardly anyone believes the reason why you stayed a virgin if it’s not religion based. People just don’t understand why anyone would want to stay a virgin without them being too religious and it is so tiring how some people are always trying to convert we virgins.

Next thing, they’re asking if you don’t get turned on or something. Like please. Even when you share the reasons you’re actually doing it, for your health and protection, because you want to connect to your partner in other ways, because you want to save it for one person, because you think the world is sex-obsessed enough as it is, none of your answers will seem sufficient. Even when you’re cool with other people having sex, they start to think you’re judging them. JEEZ! It is even worse as a college student.

One question I like to ask non-virgins is why are you having sex? To which I have received answers varying from “Just for fun”, “I don’t really know”, “Everyone is doing it”, “It is necessary in a relationship” to “I just like it”. Basically, virgins about to dive in should ask themselves if they are really ready to start having sex? If you cannot come up with a solid answer, reconsider if it’s actually worth it. Non-virgins are capable of making the pact to be celibate too. Being celibate is staying a virgin but in another form.

One more thing to consider are the risks associated with premarital sex. Is it worth it? Are you willing to carry the responsibilities that come with it? Like what? Pregnancy? You can always use contraceptives some say. What of the eventual side effects of the drugs? And sexually transmitted diseases? What about your future?

In summary, I’ll say everyone has a right to make decisions best suited for them and other people should respect that. But please, consider the reasons and set your boundary. Zone out irrelevant misconceptions. Being a virgin is very okay. Don’t get pressurized either. No should be no!

There is a MINE magazine specially curated for teenagers and youths which you will find particularly enlightening. Download a copy here and peruse it.

What is/are your opinion about virginity? Keep it or lose it? Got any tales associated with being a virgin or non-virgin? Share below. The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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10 Fun Things To Do As An Introvert

Hi readers!
*inserts Summer Time Sadness as soundtrack* Happy weekend! How are you today? Very well I hope. Finally done with most of my tests and super glad this weekend is a long one. Thank God for May Day! Over to today’s post. My personality is a mixed one and I see myself as an ambivert although I enjoy being by myself more. So on days I don’t feel like really socializing, I’ve got 10 fun things to do as an introvert which I thought I’d share.

10 fun things to do as an introvert

1. Watch movies. The obvious one yes? Really a big fan of action and comedy! I watch romance, sci-fi and horror movies some times though. I try to watch at least two hours of movies or flipping through the TV channels everyday. Shared horror movies you should see in this post last Halloween. My favorite actors are currently Johnny Depp, Ryan Reynolds and Channing Tatum. Fun fact: Channing was once my wallpaper for a week. Hehehe. But yes, watching movies is a cool way to have fun as an introvert and even an extrovert.

Channing Tatum

Just look at him!

Movies I’d recommend for you to watch now are John Wick 2 (if you love a lot of action), Me Before You (if romance is your weak spot), V for Vendetta (oldie but goodie), Logan (because watching a hero at work is cool), Boss Baby (for cartoon lovers like myself), The Wedding Party (forever lit!) and The Perfect Match (basically because fuckboys don’t win all the time.

2. Read a book. This is an habit I have cultivated since I was little and I can’t stop. I really fancy hard cover books but I can’t find some of my favorite authors around so I download mostly eBooks now. If you’re regular here, you probably know how much I love thrillers and crime books so Sidney Sheldon is my favorite author. Okada Books is an app I read off too and you should check out my book ‘Musings and Personal’ if you haven’t already.

introvert quotes

3. Listen to music. I shared a playlist sometime in February which you can check out here. I discovered other cool artistes since then, two of which are Guy Sebastian and Bebe Rexha. Guy’s voice is amazing! Ed Sheeran’s Divide album has my heart too. My playlist is usually updated every week based on the billboard hot 100 so I always have fresh music to listen to when I am by myself. Got any artiste I should listen to? Do share below.

4. Watch YouTube videos and stalk social media accounts. Really getting into this these days. Used to be so averted to YouTube due to how much data it consumes when live streaming but I overlook it now. I follow vloggers of different niches and it is starting to seem like everyone’s doing the same thing which is rather odd but my favorite include Lizza Koshy (and her boyfriend of course), Tolaniav, LaurDiy, Ronke Raji and The Brownie. Check out their vlogs and you’ll see why I like them.

One of the best ways to know people I believe is to take a peek into their lives online. The way some people behave online is quite similar to how they behave in real life. Check their account, comments, tweets and retweets. Stalking social media accounts give you an insight into the type of person some people are and this might come handy while relating to them.

introvert quotes

5. Exercise indoors. Thanks to Funke Olotu, I finally took exercising seriously since the beginning of the year. A friend made a comment two weeks ago about how my bum is looking bigger. *dabs from side to side* Yes, I have been squatting and stretching. Not ashamed to say it. If you’re not comfortable with some things, you could try to change them.

6. Invite friends over. Can’t write much about this because I hardly do it. When you get so comfortable with being by yourself, you might not need friends to come over and trust me, having friends over can be disastrous so I’d rather go to their place instead. But if having friends over seem like fun, go for it.


You could also play games. Yessss! I can’t remember the last time I held a game pad and that has to change soon. Really miss the days of GTA, FATE and Winning Eleven. There are a lot of games with multiplayer mode that you can play with your friends. You should see the games on my phone though. They are mostly challenging games and help a lot. I really fancy board games too especially chess.

7. Cook or get creative. Cooking is another activity to consider as an introvert. Get yourself a cookbook or try out the recipes you find on food blogs and accounts. I read the story of John Colier who has two Grammy awards and produces most of his music in his bedroom. Amazing right? This shows being introverted is actually cool. Lay your hands on a craft or art (photography, painting, drawing etc.) you have interest in and perfect it.

8. Write and write! Writers in the house say yeah yeah *in Wizkid’s voice* I think most writers have this introvert thing in them or a moment when they zone out and focus on writing. Anyway, being introverted could be beneficial to your writing if you put it to good use.

9. Meditate. Another fun thing to do as an introvert is meditate. Meditation helps with clearing the mind and focusing better. This can be beneficial to the body. Or better still, sleep and get good rest.

10. Get cozy or cuddle. Hahaha. Okay okay, a friend went through the post draft and suggested this. Cuddling or getting cozy with the bae/boo can be a rather fun thing to do as an introvert. Did you know it acts as a form of ‘destressing’? I didn’t. Non-singles in the house, abeg utilize this free source of stress reduction.

There you have them! 10 fun things to do as an introvert from my perspective. Which can you relate to? Read any good book recently? Do think cuddling actually reduces stress? Introverts in the building, what other fun activity do you engage in? Do share below. The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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Ibadan Cab Drivers Palaver

“Na wa oo!”
I muttered as the car gear smacked against my thigh for the seventh time. The woman next to me, about twice my body size, asked in resignation: “The gear right?”
“Yes!” I answered.
“Two people are not supposed to sit in front na.”
The driver muttered an apology and turned the gear again like someone possessed.

Ibadan Cab Drivers Palaver

If you’ve ever experienced this thing cab drivers do, you’d understand just how annoying it can be. Imagine the front seat of a normal car. Got that? Now picture two and half of me trying to sit on it at the same time. Like whyyyy?

Why would these cab drivers force two people to sit on that tiny chair and yet charge the same price as the other people in the cab. It’s so inconvenient. Like the gear and other parts would be hurting you and yet you can’t complain. Some drivers would just roll their eyes like it’s none of their concern. It’s not right!

On one occasion, the driver had already put a pillow between the seats so the second person can’t complain. What difference does it make?

But then what can we do? I do try to avoid sitting there and wait for another cab to come by but sometimes that I’m probably late already, then there’s no other option then to sit in the dreaded front seat. Have you experienced this before? Can you relate? Do comment. How did you overcome? Or how do you think we can overcome?

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