January Recap x Throwback

january recap and throwback

The only thing we can never get enough of is love,
the only thing we can never give enough of is love.
– Henry Miller

january recap

Hi readers!
How are you today? As good as I am I hope. Saw this image on Instagram which was talking about how January was just a test run, like a trial version of this year. Haha I’m feeling that way at the moment. I wasn’t exactly pumped up through January but there is so much that can come from February for real. Thought I’d share a January recap and throwback post. Lest I forget, happy new month! January went by so slow I tell you. Before I jump into the January recap, err did I achieve much? Well yes in a way.

Anyway, school will be resuming in three weeks and I want to get in as many blog posts as I can as I might have to go on hiatus for some weeks after resumption. Trust me, there will be plenty posts to check out here then. If you follow my poetry page on Instagram (@storyteller__d), you might notice how regular I’ve been posting there. I am honestly trying to balance all my interests well. How do you cope guys? Help! Finally rounding off my internship in two weeks and my boss doesn’t want me to leave lol. I’m in dire need of a vacation. Can you suggest anywhere cool in South Western Nigeria?

So February is finally here and everyone, okay almost everyone is buzzing about Valentine and love and I’m just here like … . Debbie is probably side eyeing me now. I won’t say anything bad about love at all. I really doubt I’d get in the Valentine mood though. Like am I actually single this Valentine again? Wow. Let’s see how next year will be though. But can I get a cake for Valentine? Somebody please surprise me!

Let’s throw back a bit shall we? January last year, I talked about positivity in the new year. I started a food series which I practically forgot about after a chocolate chip cookie recipe I shared. Honestly, I was scared to dive into cooking for blog posts *covers face* Kudos to food bloggers! I shared bits about my love for books and growing up as an introvert also. My first ever style post and mini Ibadan exploration went up last year too.

january recap

I started the Personality We Admire column last year too with an interview with Styled by the Q. Guess what? More creative people are coming to that column this year. In fact, you’ll get to meet The Black Pro Writer tomorrow. Who’s she? You’ll find out soon.

styled by the q
Styled by the Q

What really is happiness? I talked about this happiness thing. Ever wondered how much I possibly love music? Find out in music and me. I advocated for love in this love thing. Love is quite sweet yeah? I have talked about BeAdorned By Yettie! sooooo many times on the blog. Find out who she is in the second Personality We Admire feature.

beadorned by yettie

Got a bit personal in current situation and then my love for crop tops came to feature in my second style post. Starting off each week with these five poems is a great idea I promise. What’s the big deal with birthdays? Shared my opinion in birthdays

how to style crop top

Phewww! In case you missed it, my first style post for this year featuring the Ankara cape dress from The Brand Honey, is right here. You can place an order for the dress through Instagram.

That’s a wrap for my January recap and throwback post. How did your January go? What are your plans for Valentine’s Day this year? Do share below. The best part of posting on this blog is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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  1. So I’ve missed out on a lot of posts ewoooo! U used to blog about food? Pls continue na 🙁
    I love d first quote about love, u can’t get enuf, u can’t give enuf. Plans for Vals day ehn? I’m stuck somewhere, boo z stucked elsewhere so I’m defo spending vals day on my own, I haven’t even gotten into d mood yet sef. I was single last val too so don’t worry u won’t be next vals day ?

    1. Haha that blogging about food part cannot work oo. No time at all. Maybe next year sha. Aunty in love, I wish you the loveliest valentine day! Thanks for comforting me.

  2. Wait o, that last pic…is that Dammy? I mean the same Oyindamola…babe get in here! Those legs, the shoe, the very cute face…ahhhh…issorai, keep showing them off.

    *givesyousideeye* It’s February, show me love o…hehehehe…

    I’ve never been a val person…I always feel there’s nothing special about that day that I cannot get any other day, so I am basically indifferent to val.

    1. The same Dammy oo lol. I’ll try with the showing off gradually. I presume you’d be working that day. Who knows your bae might pull off a big surprise. *winks*

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