Candid Talk: Getting Over A Fuckboy

Getting Over A Fuckboy

Hi readers!
How are you today? Great I hope. So far I have failed at beating last year’s record of blog posts in March. Please accept my apologies. Back with yet another candid talk post and this one is based on personal experience. I posted a series sometime last year relating to fuckboys and you can check them out here, here and here. The posts are really insightful, got reblogged by three sites and people said they are hilarious. Warning: This post contains several instance of the f-word. Stop reading now if you’re not comfortable lol.

Anyway, if you happen to have fallen into the hands of a fuckboy or player you can probably relate to this post well (or not). Back in 2015, I had my first bad experience in the hands of one and I am here today to tell you the steps needed in getting over a fuckboy. So how do I get over a fuckboy?

1. Do not, I repeat do not blame yourself. Well, well, we all seem to think we are smart when it comes to dating but I think I learned at the end of my fuckboy experience that it is okay to be stupid. I blamed myself for being stupid to have fallen into his trap. But I quickly realized how wrong I was. Many girls before me had fallen into the same trap and it was just the guy. It was him not declaring his intentions. It is okay to cry and get emotional. Yes you thought he was different. But did he define what you guys were?

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2. Minimize or cut all forms of communication. I don’t talk to the fuckboy in my narrative anymore because it feels better that way. I tried to chat normal but it wasn’t making sense. If you feel talking to him is going to tear you up or have you feeling some type of way, just don’t. If he happens to be the remorseful fuckboy, it might be okay to stay as friends with him but be careful you don’t fall into the old pattern.
Talking to someone also helps a lot. Friends that joke about it, make you laugh and forget will come handy. Write about it if it’d be better. These two methods worked for me. Life is honestly too short to be stuck crying over one guy. Leave trash for LAWMA!

3. Don’t stalk him. Still on my experience, I almost unfollowed and blocked the fuckboy’s media accounts I followed in a bid to not know what’s going on with him. Trust me, it can be annoying when you see a fuckboy happy when you’re not and when he has moved on to another victim? You’d want to rip his head off. Turn a blind eye to his activities if you don’t want to unfollow. Out of sight they say is out of mind.

4. Don’t dwell on the past. Some girls will still hold on to pictures and things from the past. Beht why? Yes yes it’s okay to fall in love with a fuckboy but get him off your mind. It’s okay to miss him but don’t call to see if he wants to hang out or something. Don’t play the loyal role you did when y’all were together. Don’t make time out for him or leave him as a priority. In fact you should steer clear of him. A person who fucked you up once might gladly do it again.

Getting Over A Fuckboy

5. Don’t belittle yourself. The fact that you got played by a fuckboy doesn’t mean you’re anything less than beautiful or awesome. No one determines that except you. After an experience with a fuckboy, you’d most likely meet other decent guys who will appreciate every bit of your being. Although it’d take time getting back into the relationship vibes, slowly and steadily you’d be back to normal. Get that glow on, slay your makeup, look good and stay confident! Pepper them!

who you make yourself to be

Happiness is one thing everyone should strive for and a fuckboy should not deprive you of that. There you have ’em! Ladies in the house, ever fallen into the hands of a fuckboy? How was the experience like? How did you get over him? Which of these points can you relate to the most? Do leave a comment below. The best part of posting on this blog is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

P.s: I just realized how cool it would have been if this fuckboy blog post was a vlog. Hmmm shall I start a YouTube channel? What do you think?

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  1. You couldn’t have said this any better Dammy! Cutting off communication is an important key and don’t you dare stalk pls…save yourself the heartaches of seeing him happy cos he’d definitely be happy with his next victim. Just move on with your life. ???

  2. Wowww…I love love love
    I agree with you 100%
    Cutting of communications is very important. The moment I removed him from all social media platforms, I felt really really better.. ..(Tho he is not totally out of my life…Cos his new gf is my friend) IKR…
    And yes I know that feeling of seeing himm happy????you just wish something can fall on his head…but you gotta rebuke tbe devil and Focus more on YOU
    Well done Dammy.

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