School Is Hard Fam!

school is hard fam

Hi readers!
Long time no post. Hope you are fine today? This week has to be the longest I’ve had this month. Had a test every day and exams are slowly creeping on us. I need sleep. Scratch that. I need sleep plus a vacation for a couple of weeks but that’s probably not coming anytime soon. School is hard fam! Permit me to rant.

I remember growing up, eager to go to primary school to learn and play with friends. Secondary school, the realization that we were growing up set in and we had to make decisions which now reflect in the present and consequently the future. These days, I wake up and have to convince myself that getting out of bed is a good idea. Hahaha. What did you expect you say? Now now, Computer Science is rather a demanding course and there are assignments, project and other school work to face every other day.

The only thing I really wish is that I had time for other things. I haven’t cooked since I moved back to school! Been eating cafeteria food back to back. I have had little time to edit pictures from some previous shoots and in fact need serious motivation to get back fully into photography. I had it in mind to compile some poems for a book but the Word document lies somewhere on my laptop. Sighs. I was unable to work with a blogger I was really looking forward to working with because she’d be leaving Ibadan soon. There are some people I need to apologize to for being undependable and you my readers, for being inconsistent here.

However, my dad likes to compare school to life. He’s quite the philosopher as I said in this chess lessons post. He says school is a miniature version of what life really is. You meet people, work hard, get disappointed, stressed and see your hard work pay off or not. I agree with him. Life is really similar to school and each day we scale through, it’s the same way adults scale through. So with that mindset, I am staying positive and focused. School will be over very soon. Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

Graduates in the house! How did you scale through school? How do you cope with stress and work readers? Do share. The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

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  1. My dear, tbh school is hard. I always wonder how you manage blogging, photography, entrepreneur and school. When I was in school, all I ever think about is school and food of course…Especially if you want to grad with good grades.

    But then, if you could pick just blogging for now and manage to squeeze out an hour twice or thice a week, then you should do fine. and when time permits too, you try photography a bit too.

    Well done dear, ain’t easy getting that cert fam!

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