9 Horror Movies You Should See On Halloween

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Halloween is a celebration observed in honour of the dead on October 31. Err I’m Nigerian and we didn’t use to exactly get Halloween vibes over here until recently. Halloween was never a feature of my childhood and I don’t believe in the whole issue but since people won’t stop talking about it, I thought I might as well do about post relating to it.

I remember a couple of horror movies I have seen that I would recommend for this Halloween weekend. I used to be a scaredy cat when it comes to horror movies, having sleepless nights after seeing one when I was younger. But these days, it takes a lot of horror to rile me up a little. I just laugh at some horror movies now and point out the flaws in the script. Here are 9 horror movies you should see on Halloween:

1. Child’s Play. This movies has six parts of which I watched up to three. I watched the first part back in 2003 and I couldn’t go to the loo afterwards without thinking the killer doll was after me. The story started to get too elongated at a point. If you think you’ve got the heart, you should see this movie that tells the story of a possessed doll and a kid who happened to receive him as a birthday gift. No spoiler alert. It’s a good horror movie.


2. Nail Biter. I saw this movie last year. Although it got somewhat confusing at a point, it is still a good horror movie that tells the story of a mother and her daughters who happened to get lost in the wrong terrain on their way to the airport. Did you know nail biter also means an event that doesn’t unfold till the end?nailbitermovie

3. Scary Movie franchise. This is my best set of comedy infused horror movies. It has four parts and I’d recommend this as the set of movies you definitely have to see. Each movie is a parody of some actual horror movies. Hilarious stuff!

4. Slither. This sci-fi movie left me sleepless for over two weeks and peeking under the bed to see if anything is crawling. If you think you’ve seen creepy crawling creatures that are scary, think again. I’m still scared of watching this movie again. I love the fact that it has a fair ending though. I don’t know why some horror movies just end without an ending we understand.

5. Haunted House 1 & 2. This movie is hilarious and scary mashed together. It stars Marlon Wayan (one of the dudes from White Chicks). There really isn’t a major storyline but the humor will keep you hooked. I love it!

6. Paranormal Activities. I watched part of the second part of this movie and I really can’t say I liked it. A quick look at the summary shows its ratings are good though. It’s bound to give you nightmares hehehe. The third and other parts that followed were somewhat wayyyy too prolonged and confusing actually. You might want to watch all at once.

7. The Ring. This movie is about a series of deaths that occurs after watching a particular tape. Scary quite alright and you should see it. I’ve seen it about 6 times and it was good every single time.

8. House of Wax. I watched this movie back in 2006. It’s scary and suspenseful. It is a movie that tells the story of a bunch of friends that wandered into the wrong town. It would make you jump on your seat a couple of times. But the wax artistic pieces in this movie are impressive and the storyline is simple and sensible. The movie ended well too.

house of wax poster

9. The Sphere. A horror movie list isn’t complete without a science inspired one yeah? Old but good. This movie tells the story of a set of scientists sent to investigate a spacecraft found in the ocean. However a set of mysterious events start to occur. Samuel L Jackson and Queen Latifah starred in this movie *winks*

Horror or no horror, I have come to realise that fear is all in the head. You can choose to be scared or not. Don’t celebrate what you’re not sure of the origin. Which of these movies have you seen? Which other horror movies have you seen that you love? Leave a comment below. The best part of posting on this blog is getting your feedbacks and comments. What are your thoughts on this post?

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  1. I only managed to see the first 2 parts of Child’s Play. And after seeing all I could think about is Chucky…Horror movie scares me and I try to avoid it…

    Happy belated Halloween by the way.

    P.S: I love giveaways, how do I win and/or participate *biggrin*

    1. “My name is Chucky and I’m your friend to the end.”
      Lol horror movies can be scary but you’d get over them if you want to. Keep your fingers crossed for the giveaway.

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