Casual Street Style Featuring o21 Designs

One term that defines my type of style best is casual and if you randomly run into me in public, you can bet on me having jeans and a T-shirt on except on Sundays and special occasions. Through the course of being a student, having to go for lectures made casual style almost too convenient and I must say I have become used to it. Today’s blog post is about casual street style featuring o21 designs.

o21 designs is a Nigerian brand into graphics, corporate branding, customized T-shirts and creating creative solutions. They are based in Lagos Nigeria but however provide deliverable items. They make branded items such as mugs and souvenirs as well, on both small and large scale.

Custom T-shirts design started in the early 1950s when some companies in Miami started decorating T-shirts with the names of local resorts and other tourist attractions. Custom T-shirts in recent times are used as a medium of expression and passing information through which individuals can express their political and social views, advocate for causes, or just to amuse people.

Casual Street Style Featuring o21 Designs

Casual Street Style Featuring o21 Designs

Still journeying on the natural hair lane, this T-shirt had my heart with the caption. The quality is top notch and it is super comfortable. This caption says everything, answering questions from those moments I have been questioned on why my hair is not relaxed or why did I choose to go natural. I have been natural for over two years now and honestly, there are days being natural is blissful and other days it’s just plain annoying.

My hair shrinks a lot and can be difficult to maintain which makes me put it in protective styles most times. However, I discovered leave in conditioner is super great in softening it up. It is my choice to go natural after all and I intend to enjoy the process all the way even on its bad days. Trust me, I have had some of those days in which you try out a YouTube tutorial and it comes out like nothing you watched your favorite YouTuber do. Who can relate?

Casual Street Style Featuring o21 Designs

I styled the inscription T-shirt with track pants which was a trend last year and paired it up with sneakers because casual is the way. The sunglasses was last minute accessory. How cute are my earrings from Nigerian jewellery brand Zivanora? You can style the T-shirt with other pants or skirt color as white goes with everything. Plus the caption T-shirt is available in other colors. Other ways to style this T-shirt includes; with a skirt and flats, with a skirt plus a jacket with high heels, with jeans with flats or sandals and with dungarees and sandals.

As an advocate of supporting Nigerian brands, I rate this T-shirt 10/10 as I really love it and would gladly order more and so should you too. Side story, the pictures in this post were all taken by my dad and he had so much fun at it that it brought back memories of him introducing me to photography when I was younger. Could you tell the pictures were taken at Tafawa Balewa Square Lagos? The place is really cool and a great site for taking pictures although the bus station officials told us to keep our camera at a point.

Casual Street Style Featuring o21 Designs


You can find and shop from o21 designs here. The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post? Are you a fan of casual style? What is your go to fashion outfit? What do you think about inscription T-shirts? Do leave a comment below.

Vintage Shirt Trend x Good News


The hardest rock will yield to those who drill with determination.

This has been my philosophy for 6 years and will be for years to come. My mother once pointed out how stubborn I can be when I make up my mind to do something and I won’t stop until I do it. August 2015, an idea was conceived to change the way natural hair lifestyle in Ibadan was and yesterday the outcome was launched. Good news! Ladies and gentlemen, the first natural hair social community (and another products shop) in Nigeria went live yesterday!

We had the first Ibadan hair meet up October last year and the second this year. Although the site was supposed to be launched last year, some issues occurred and it wasn’t. Back in October, we announced at the event that a blog would be launched soon. I had October in mind for the launch but due to another reason, it didn’t launch. From a blog to a full website, all thanks to God.

There is so much we are capable of doing if we just try and be determined. If anyone had told me last week that the site would be up and running now, I would have laughed in disbelief. Five days ago, I had no idea of what the site would be like. I called up a hosting company based in Ibadan to see if they could work on it and my calls were not returned, neither were my mails replied.

Left with nothing but my undergraduate course knowledge, I plugged in my laptop and merely gave it a shot without any help from anyone. Stayed up for three nights working on the site. Every single detail on the site was set up by me. If you’d like to set up your self-hosted site, email me. To the glory of God, we are live! Thank you to everyone who was a part of this or gave support in any form.

vintage and good news

vintage shirt

By the way, can we just appreciate how timeless and ever trendy vintage shirts are? Vintage T-shirt was top of my fashion must haves at the beginning of this year and I’m totally smitten. I got a couple from BeadornedbyYettie and I paired this black and white one with denim shorts. My first try at wearing shorts outdoors. Yeah, I discovered I am somewhat self-conscious of my long legs.

Denim goes with almost everything yeah? One of my black flats came handy as usually and these black and blue pretwisted braids from House of Naturals online shop is totally serving me cool kids vibe. Casual style is so my thing! These pictures were taken by my photography buddie Peter Alawode who took the pictures from this post.

vintage shirt

vintage and good vibes

It would make me really happy if you could check out The House of Naturals site and leave your feedback. Sign up to join the community and socialize with other natural hair people. And do check out the shop. You get 10% off all your cart purchase when you use the code ‘hon10’ and we’d deliver to any part of Nigeria. Great right? Tell a friend about this. We need you and your support to grow! Thank you so much.

nigerian fashion blogger

It is not too late to start whatever you want to. We have over a month left in this year. All it takes is for you to try. I pray God help us all with our plans and dreams. Basking in vintage and good news. Vintage gang members in the house! How do you wear your vintage outfits? What’s your favorite way of wearing denim? The best part of posting here is getting your feedback and comments. What are your thoughts about this post?

P.s: I noticed that WordPress keeps reducing the quality of the pictures on my post. Just had the scariest twenty minutes of my life as I tried to edit my functions.php folder. How do you get good images on your blog posts? Can anyone recommend a plugin or something? Thanks!

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Raiding My Father’s Wardrobe

Hi readers!
Happy new month! I just might start blogging about my personal style a bit often. I have joined a gang! A real gang? Err I wish. I’m much too gentle for that plus Jesus gang is awesome. What gang then you might wonder? *drum rolls* A gang of wardrobe raiders! This post is a result of raiding my father’s wardrobe.

Following the ongoing strike in the university, staying at home has been pretty boring. Really can’t point out any tangible thing I’ve done. I haven’t finished Michael Crichton’s Timeline which I started two weeks ago which is really odd. I usually finish a book within a day or two.

So I had to leave home on Tuesday to work at the school’s radio station. I am a volunteer there now and have my own programme, UI Talking on which issues relating to UI students are discussed. I’ll put up a post on how to go about being an on air personality at a radio station soon.


I just threw this outfit together which consisted of this shirt which I had taken from my father’s wardrobe when I raided it out of boredom and high waist jeans. This look was created. I styled my crotchet braids from this post in two cornrows.



I had to shoot after work and just wanted something comfortable, namely trousers which enables me photograph easily. Follow my photography page on instagram @playground_media. My new friend Olamide Alli of @allyphotography_ happened to come with me to the shoot and while the client was getting set we played around. I never intended to take pictures of this look but I actually like how it turned out.



I believe everyone should develop their personal style. There’s no use trying to copy someone else. Yes, a little bit of inspiration from someone is good but don’t make their entire style yours. My go to style will always be jeans, a shirt or T-shirt with flats. I don’t like high heels that much and I’m not going to just because it fits someone well or because it’s trending. But then I think I will be raiding my father’s wardrobe often. Why? I am a fan of male shirts now!

Just how cool is this tote bag made by Yetunde Salimon (@beadornedbyyettie on instagram). She made the T-shirt from my first flatlay and she was featured in this post.



What’s your say on personal style? And what is your go to style? Do comment 😸 Thanks for stopping by!

Poetry || Who Am I


I am a bad person
For sticking to my standards
I am a bad person
For refusing to conform
For being myself
For being real
For being me
I am a bad person
For smiling and hiding the pain
For speaking the truth
For writing sincerely
All that which I see
That which I feel
Not being a puppet
To the voices that talk
That never stop talking

I am very bad
For accepting my skin color
And the shape of my body
For walking away
Instead of staying
To feed my ears off their gossip
For being confident
Who does she think she is?
They wonder
Back in the private I ponder
If really I am a bad person
Or I should conform
To please they who think
I am a bad person?
Does that make me any good?
If you think I am a bad person
For being me
Yes I say!
I am a very bad person!
The baddest of them all
Beautiful and different!
Yes I agree!
I am a bad person.

©Ajibike Oyindamola

P.S: Will be posting this series I tag ‘Experience to Remember’ from next week. If you like my writings as much as I love writing, then anticipate lovelies! 💕

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Styling Short Marley Braids

Hi readers!
Marley braids have been in vogue since waaaay back in time and is a style that’s never going out of style. Had my short braids done on my natural hair about 3 weeks ago. And these are some of the ways I style it. There are so many ways of styling short Marley braids. Really feeling monochrome today hence the pictures’ color.


This is how the braids look like normally.


1. Packed the braids at the front into two buns and left out the braids at the back. Do make use of hair clips to keep the buns in place.

Styling short Marley braids

2. Instead of putting the front braids in two buns, I put the braids in a ponytail with a hair band.


3. Packed all the braids into the hair band.


4. You could decide to leave out some of the braids.


5. Tucked the braids in at the back and left out a braid.


6. Here, I tucked all the braids at the back without leaving any out.

All these styles are pretty easy and can be done within five minutes. How do you style your braids? Do let me know! Thank you!

And check out how Tobi of Journal Three Sixty styled hers.


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My hair, my body, please society!

One thing I find so odd about people these days is the problem majority have with natural hair. I’ve heard different opinions about the issue. Some are quite funny while others are just uncool.

The first week I had my big chop i.e cut off my relaxed hair, I was teased so badly. A particular girl in my department called me secondary school girl for over a month. Some laughed at my hair. A friend of mine who I met at the salon when cutting my hair asked if I was crazy. For wanting to return natural? Really??! It took a lot of positivity then which kept me going and not bothered. Even my mother tried to talk me into relaxing my hair.

Although my hair is over 6 months old which is pretty good in my opinion, I walk into hair salons with intention of making my hair and the hairstylists still look at me oddly. Asking “Why haven’t you relaxed your hair?” “Do you want to relax your hair?” When I take time to explain, they either grunt or complain. One once said to me “You these natural hair people. You think it’s easy for us to cope.” Eventually when they make the hairstyle I tell them, they either make use of the wrong instruments or make it too tight. I have had to take out a weave of three days because I had sores on my scalp. It was so not cool.

Do I have to have my hair relaxed to fit society’s view of normal hair? Please. I love my kinks and coils. And I did love my hair when it was relaxed BUT relaxed hair should not be society’s view of normal hair. There are some companies who do not allow their natural haired staff come to work rocking their natural hair. They dare not rock their afro! And surely this is the 21st century. It is after all my hair, my body, please society! Just let it be.

Do I have to be figure 8 or so slim to fit society’s view of what’s okay in body shape? What if I like my food a little fatty and I love my flesh a bit chubby? What if I’ve got freckles or acne which have refused to clear on my face? Does it make me less awesome or change my success story? Of course not. Please, do not change or modify your opinions or standards just to suit society’s view. The society is the problem, not you. You are beautiful. I am beautiful.

If you stay in Ibadan and you’d like to make protective styles for your natural hair, kindly send an email to

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Lessons Learned As A Natural

Hi readers!
So far on my journey as a natural hair person, I have lessons learned as a natural. One of which is don’t compare yourself and your hair to anybody. We are different, have different hair types and structures. My hair is about 4 months old and it doesn’t look like it’s growing till I pull it out. The shrinkage is really great. There are people whose hair don’t coil as much as mine and therefore have little shrinkage but I really don’t mind or feel bad. One way or another, it will grow.

Lessons Learned As A Natural

I have no hair regimen really. Just water, Shea butter, got this Hairveda shampoo and this bottle of oils which include coconut oil, castor oil, peppermint oil etc; that I started using about a week. I wash every two days and comb my hair after drying with a towel. I’ve seen quite a few changes. Though flaking and a little bit of dandruff is evident. Most of what I do as a regimen are probably wrong to do but my hair is in great stage.

Advice to new naturals
Take time to know your hair. You could find tutorials, diy, facts and stuffs online, but if you don’t take time to know what works for your hair, the beginning of the hair journey might be stressful. Don’t use everything you find, start with one product at a time. Basically, you’ll need a shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, sealant and water. Other products include oils, butters, pudding, custards  (like seriously) etc..

One thing I regret is not being a natural sooner. There will be moments you’ll see other people with longer hair and feel frustrated, calm down. Little drops of water makes the ocean. They were once at the stage you are.

One other lesson learned as a natural is the use of silk hair bonnet/scarf. It helps a lot. Reduces breakage caused by moisture loss through your cotton pillows/pillowcase. Also, don’t comb your hair when dry. Do get an assortment of hair combs for yourself.

The main lesson I’ve learned is being myself and having fun on my hair journey.

Thank you!


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