Readers Appreciation Day

readers appreciation day
Throwback picture from 2015

Hey you.
Yes you.
If you’re reading this post, it is too late! Lol this post is meant to appreciate every reader that checks this blog out regularly. Perhaps just checking, looking for something or genuine love for what I post. There are tons of blogs out there and I appreciate the fact that you visit this blog. Today is officially readers appreciation day.

You probably already know it has been over two years I created this blog. There are 152 posts (153 including this) and over 500 comments. Baby steps eh?
Special appreciation to Tonye
Yetunde Salimon
Toheeb Lanlehin
Ojo Glorious
Oladunni Tunde
Toks David
Eunice Ejiga
Ayo Omole
Tony Michele
Omooba and several other important readers for their consistent support and comments. Some of your comments make my day and I value every comment left on this blog hence you should try and comment even if it’s a question regarding the post (this could happen with my writings). I’d be delighted to explain.

*drum rolls* Let’s have a question and answer session! I might be able to answer your questions regarding blogging, about me, writing, student life, health, fashion or something else. Comment below your question(s) and I’ll try to answer honestly and as best as I can. If however you don’t want to comment below, you can send a mail to

P.s: I got interviewed by an online lifestyle and fashion magazine! Talked about my life and being a serial entrepreneur. I will really appreciate you checking out the juicy bits on the site

Do tell a friend to tell a friend to check this blog out.

Thanks for stopping by ❤


    1. Heyyy, thank you! I get inspiration from personal experience and things happening around me. I write in bits too sometime. Started a poem in May that I’m yet to finish. Just try to write as the inspiration comes.

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