Poetry || Tabula Rasa

I stood there without the need for thought, my eyes ignorant of the wonders that unfolded before them

I have eyes everywhere,
call me the all seeing.
Yet ignorant my eyes remain. Perhaps if I could see beyond the supernatural,
it’d be easier to fill the pages before me.
Easier to write my own fate.

What is my fate? Am I to wander the earth nameless, faceless without a place to call home?
Is it in supernatural that I reside?, Is it heaven above or hell beneath
The all seeing eye torments and judges my path but refused to guide me
There’s a light at the end of the tunnel they say.
But I see only that reflecting on the book before me.
Yet I still can’t see!
Shall I dwell in these page then?
Find a name for myself amidst these chapters?
Will the chapters show me the truth?
Or will it take me on a journey of thirst and hunger until I cannot protest I accept the emptiness as whole?
Does the light hold paradise or is it just that, a light?

I’d ask another fellow for help
But aren’t we all lost?
In the same search for a place to call home
A light to dwell on?
Perhaps I’m bound to this emptiness
Like the pages of this book
I sigh and pick my pen

And feed it’s inordinate need
My blood, it runs on my vein’s brew

The essence sustaining
How hard can this be
I had thought
Saying is easier than doing they say
Now I am a believer

But I don’t believe, in blank stares and empty whispers
My religion is cold, tangible
So cold my blood stays from its incessant March through my veins

©Jamie x Dammy

So I joined a group of wacky creatives called The Bloque and I have to say it’s great getting to relate with them. This resulting poem of an impromptu collaboration talks mainly about the journey of life. Seeing poetry from another angle and overall I hope to be a better writer. Check out our twitter page @our_bloque

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