And ‘Ember Arrives

Well hello there readers!
And ‘Ember arrives! Welcome to the first month in the ’ember quarter of the year. How is the year going for you? Good I hope. I am currently not where I want to be but not where I used to be. Learnt a lot over the past 8 months and I really hope to achieve more before the year ends.

This statement made by Jidenna (he is currently in Nigeria) which I came across on Pulse Ng when he was asked why he is not in a relationship is the most thoughtful I have seen all day. He said: “Being in a relationship is like gardening and if you can’t water the plants then you shouldn’t be in a relationship.”

Now that’s major food for thought. I am a science student and know the procedures that go on in nurturing a plant or gardening. It takes tenderness, dedication, love, investing a lot and care i.e. watering the plants. Think deeply about this and relate it to where you stand right now in your relationship. A lot of people can not even give a reason why they are in a relationship or state if they are nurturing the relationship.

I read an article recently on Funke Olotu’s blog about leaving the one you love. Reading the caption of the post, I was puzzled. However she talked about leaving the one you love when you can not make them happy or do not love them anymore. Yes you love them but do you know you might be causing more hurt by staying? Or they might even hate you in the future for pretending that long?

Relationships can be easy and blissful if you’re being honest with yourself and the person you’re dating. Relating this to Jidenna’s quote, one thing you should note is being in a relationship is not obligatory especially when you think you’re not ready for it. A relationship should be watered and developed for it to work. Don’t waste your time in the name of just being in a relationship for fun. Movies are not like the real world. You could see all sorts of scenerio on television but most of them don’t work in real life.

Today is September 1 on this side of the world which means there are just about four months left in this year. Exactly what do you intend to do with the rest of this year? It’s not too late to start. Ciao!

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