Basic Photo Editing With Photoshop

There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.
– Ansel Adams

If there’s anything else I love apart from writing and its components of which blogging is one, it’s photography. My father introduced me to photography at age 7 although I didn’t start my professional journey till October last year. Each photographer has his/her own tools for work and I was first introduced to Photoshop and got a hang of it quickly so I’m stuck to it. Photoshop is somewhat easy but to master it, you’d have to learn the basics and play around. Eventually you will understand basic photo editing with Photoshop.

To understand this post better, you’d have to get Adobe Photoshop installed on your laptop/desktop. I think mine is the second to the latest version. The picture used in the example is that of my friend Yetunde of Beadornedbyyettie! She has featured in several posts on this blog.

On opening Photoshop, you might see a lot of words you don’t understand, columns, layers and stuff but since this blog is not mainly for photography, I’d recommend my friend Peter Alawode’s website for indepth posts about photography. However, I hope you learn from this post. Photography is more than taking pictures and it should be done passionately.

So we have a picture shot with a Canon DSLR that seems somewhat not perfect and we want to improve how it looks. Open the picture in Photoshop or simply drag it on top of the Photoshop icon on your desktop to open automatically.
basic photo editing
If you look closely at the picture, you’d see the spots on her face. We can get rid of them yeah? Simply look at the left side of your screen, you’d see an array of icons. Click on the spot healing tool which is highlighted here.
basic photo photoshop editing

Resize your brush and click on the acne or spots you want to get rid of. You should take note that the bigger the brush, the trickier it becomes. You can use this method to get rid of dark eye circle too. Reduce the brush size of the healing tool to 3 and drag the icon along the undereye circles.

For the fashion bloggers, you can blur the background of your pictures so your outfit stands out by using quick selection tool to select the parts you want to blur. Then go to Image column above and click on Blur, click on Guassian blur. Set the level to 5 and press enter. You can change the lighting of the picture by adjusting the curves in the Edit column. Drag down the line to make the picture darker and drag it up to make it lighter.
basic photo editing

basic photo editing

A quick trick that works well is auto constrast, auto color and auto tone in the Edit column. Play around with contrast and brightness to create different effects.

basic photo editing with photoshop
The crop feature comes handy if there’s a need to resize the picture. Check it out in the left size of your screen.

That’s all for today for basic photo editing with Photoshop. I hope all of these make sense though. If you have any question, comment below or shoot me a mail, kindly follow my photography page on Instagram @d_playground. I am a commercial photography and open for booking all year round. ?

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