1. Lol after combing afro for hours, he was now trying to mess it up. Then I told him to stop and he was just laughing. See I’m innocent? Lol too much info is less info you know.

  1. Talk about too much info! 🙂 I don’t have answers to a lot of the questions because they’ve never occurred to me. My favourite band would probably be Fela’s Afrika 70 😉 Favourite flavour of sweet? Really? When I saw that, I started thinking of the sweets I eat. Could not come up with a favourite, but I love Mentos though. I would spend too much time thinking of answers to all these questions. It’s really too much info. Hia! 🙂 But it’s nice getting to know you more.

    1. Lol now that you’ve said it, you must answer these questions ?? I love Fela’s band too. Good old school music. How are you though? Fine I hope.

  2. Am officially stucked here.
    U answered honestly.
    By the way I love the post from ’11 thoughts at 11pm’ on your .wordpress account.

    I just came back to savour the rest of your blog post, and am not disappointed

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