Birthday: Chronicles of the Twenties

Hi readers!
Welcome back to the blog. Long time no post? Blame it on exams and other stuffs I have been busy with. So I turned a year older yesterday and it was indeed a great day. Unlike other birthdays I have had, I was really excited about this one due to reasons I can’t even explain. Fast forward and the chronicles of the twenties have officially begun.

The previous year had its lessons and memories, some of which were good and others were not but God was faithful through it all. So I am a technically a grown up now and expect several responsibilities to follow.

My mother cracked the joke of me bringing home husband by my birthday next year and I gave a nervous laugh. My dad said the same thing when he sent his wishes. Like seriously? Jeez. There’s really the marriage thing to think about soon and by the way, Dammy is still single. I have no plans of being married before 25.

So my friends and family pointed out some of my annoying habits yesterday, one of which was not being time conscious. Guilty as charged but not all the time. I think it has to do mostly with socialising and going out. Although I will work on it seriously this year.

Another problem mentioned was leaving chats hanging and having mood swings. I really don’t think I could change this that much. Can’t help it as it is part of me already.

Someone mentioned how shy I could be sometimes. Like I said in this post, I am not shy around people I am comfortable with. My cousin said I nag too. Hahaha. I disagree.

All in all, I look forward to graduation and preparing myself for all adulthood brings. Will share some lessons I have learned from life as a 20 year old so far in the next blog post. Got any tips for surviving adulthood? Share below.

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