Death And The World Right Now

I have never had a clear image of how I want to die until recently. If I had to choose how I want to die, would prefer to go to sleep peacefully and not wake up. Unlike the deaths I hear of in the news these days. I shudder to read the newspapers. The newspaper used to be for entertainment gist, cartoons and the rest when I was younger but now I have to go through the dailies everyday due to the nature of my work.

It sickens me.
These news sicken me.
Nigeria sickens me.
The world itself sickens me.
And it sickens me more that I can’t do anything and those who can are reluctant to.
The world right now is mad. Believe me.
Suicide here, suicide there.
Husband stabs wife to death.
Earthquake here.
Tsunami there.
Mudslide death.
Political war.
Terrorist attacks.
Teenager rapes grandmother.
Father impregnates daughter.
Wife kills husband because he’s cheating.
Boyfriend pours acid on girlfriend for suspecting she’s cheating.

And the latest that almost made me throw up, a prison inmate who killed her boyfriend out of jealousy and imprisoned was crowned as a beauty queen in a contest. According to rating, people agreed that her being in prison was enough and she deserved to win. Lord have mercy!

I have a clear image of how I’d like to die now. Not in the hands of a kidnapper or a ritualist or jealous boyfriend or angry friend or crazy family members and definitely not by my own hands. The Band Perry sang this song titled “If I Die Young” which tells of the pain gone through when a child dies young. Death is abrupt and can be unexpected really but not for ridiculous reasons. Jealousy? Hatred? Fight over small money? Come on. These people need to see psychiatrists.

I have reason to believe I am one of the strongest ladies alive. Believe that. I have faced a lot of life’s bitter moments and been dealt severe strokes. This blog is a personal journal but there is a limit to what I can share here, most of you won’t understand actually. Pardon me if I happen to be jumping to conclusion here but a lot of people seem to have this notion of living perfect lives and it’s okay you do. Some of us don’t have that luck.

If I die today, how many people would cry genuinely when they hear the news? Hmm?? I really can’t say but it’s something worth thinking about. I am trying to model my life in a way that I can impact as many people as possible and no one has the right to end that abruptly except God. So enough with these heartbreaking news. I have an image of how I want to live and die. You should too.

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