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Hi readers!

So last Sunday in church, I talked about how 2015 has been so far to me, my experiences, ups and downs. The thing that kept coming to me was the fact that I’ve changed so much. I started this year with no resolutions but along the way, I got a notepad and started writing them down. Before my 18th birthday, I have to say I had lot of plans and dreams many of which I was too scared to pursue. I’d think up a pile of what-ifs that’d end up killing any exertion of energy toward the dreams.
What if they don’t like it?
What if nobody would buy it?
What if I flop?
What if…

But today, I am glad to say I have achieved a lot and learnt a lot this year. Some parts of this year were quite tedious and once again, I had to deal with issues relating to my emotional life but I found balance am finding balance.

Anyway, if you have any dream or goal you think you cannot achieve, you have your own pile of negative what-ifs, you can never know unless you try. I’ve always had a thing for photography but never really saw myself as branching into it. But today, it’s something I can’t do without. I had my first photo shoot and model casting this year. The casting didn’t go well, but I learnt from it. I designed and made my first outfit this year. And I had positive reviews from people. I published my first book which I never thought was possible. I wasn’t even fully interested in poetry in 2014. I used to be so shy then and now, I can talk when I want to.

Many people meet me and wonder how come I’m so gifted in a lot of aspects. Basically, I can’t answer because I do not know. There’s just this thing that draws me to them and all I have to do is try. The trying part is like the hardest for me because my what-ifs tend to stand between me fulfilling my goals and dreams. But so far this year, I have learnt to overcome my fears and it feels so awesome. Really.

If I can, so can you.
Think about it.
Dream big.
And go for it.
You are the only thing stopping you.

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