How To Make Your Own Clothes As A Fashion Blogger

Over the past weeks I have been honing some skills which include makeup, gele tying and fashion design. So I made this shift dress over the weekend. It took me a couple of hours to make it. Used about one and half yards of ankara material. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of the process. However, a how to post for another outfit is coming to the blog soon + a giveaway! Stay tuned.

How To Make Your Own Clothes As A Fashion Blog

To make this shift dress, all you have to do is cut out a rectangular shape. If you want it to be sleeveless, just leave enough space for your arms and sew straight. However, if you want sleeves, cut out the shape of the sleeves you want and sew to the holes of the sleeves. You also want to fold and sew the neckline of the dress.

Well, hello there!
Well, hello there!

I really am particular about my outfit being casual on a normal day hence the simplicity of the dress. Fashion design is something I really love and one principle I live by is ‘why buy it if you can attempt making it.’

How To Make Your Own Clothes As A Fashion Blogger


Why should you try making your own clothes.

  1. You save money. You get to save money when you try out things for yourself. A normal designer shift dress would probably go for $7 which is equivalent to about #4000. I actually spent nothing on this dress. I have had my sewing machine for months and the ankara was a gift.
  2. Creating something new. Creativity needs a bit of stirring up. When I was thinking of the dress to make, a plain shift dress with round neck came to mind but then I got the idea of making the front neckline rounded and V-necked.
  3. Freedom to choose. You get to choose what material, color and what suits your personal taste. Even if you don’t get what you want exactly, you’ll create a signature style of your making.


How do you go about making your own clothes.

  1. Decide to try. This is the first step in the process. Making an attempt is just awesome. If you don’t try, how would you know what you’re capable of. I really respect diy bloggers, like they are magic makers. Creating out of what they have.
  2. Ask for help if you have to. Pinterest is a good source for inspiration. Wikihow also gives detailed steps on how to make some clothes. Search Google and find posts relating to the outfit you have in mind.
  3. Get all the materials you would need. All of it; your scissors, pins, needle and thread too. Trust me, lacking one item can cause lack of motivation very fast. Having everything on hand would make the creation process faster too.
  4. Be patient. The creation of some outfits is not that easy but keep calm, listen to music if you have to.

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