Introducing The Fuckboys #1

introducing the fuckboys

We live in an age where everything is staged
Where all we do is fake our feelings
– Jon Bellion

When I tell people I have eyes everywhere, most of them laugh but I actually do see a lot. Anyway, I have been meaning to do a series of blog posts on this fuckboy or demonizing thing guys do these days but procrastination. What’s this about? A fuckboy is a guy who play girls, get them emotionally or physically attached with no intention of really being with them or building a serious relationship. On Monday, a friend did a rant on Snapchat (follow me @mystique_dammy) about guys. I loved it. For real, I admire girls that are not ashamed to voice their opinions. That led to this post which I hope you find funny or not. Introducing the fuckboys!

Meet BWM
This stands for boys without a mission. That fresh fine guy who dresses just too cute and speaks great English or just has this smooth way of talking and got you feeling like ghen ghen. Just when you think you’ve got your life in order, edges slaying, brows fleeking, skin glowing and loving yourself, they walk into your lives (if you want them to). Then they profess feelings, string guitars and serenade you till you fall in love (walk into love) but they have no future use for you.

Some guys would say “let’s see how it goes”. If a guy or girl is putting you on the “let’s see how it goes” note, you should run. A guy or girl going into a relationship should know what he or she intends to add to you and the essence of the relationship. BWMs will use you in building their dreams and achieving their goals but on the long run, you’d be left behind as you were never in the future plan in the first place. This leads to the next class of guys.

Meet BBs
I have made so many jokes about this category that I have lost count. These are the bae blockers. When some BWMs got you on lock down and you’re holding on and think something good will come out of them, they could become BBs. That’s bae blocker. It could even be a guy or girl you don’t like and you’re avoiding. Yep they will block serious prospective bae. It might be happening and you wouldn’t know until someone points it out.

love quote

Beware of BBs. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask where the “friendship” is going. I read a story recently on Instagram of a lady who had been friends with a guy for over three years and he suddenly proposed to her. She was dumbfounded as they were not even dating, only for him to say he thought they were. Odd right? She declined the proposal. People should be straightforward and declare their intentions.

Meet NFAs
These guys are cut from the same material as BWMs. However they have nothing going on for them. They don’t know what to do with their lives and can become dependent on you. Some would even date you, eat your food and spend your money but then leave you for someone else. How can they be serious with you when they are not serious with their own lives? Some are still dependent on their parents for money and aren’t even in charge of their lives. Be smart, watch and pray.

Summary of this post, beware ladies and be smart. Same goes for the guys though, there are some ladies that fall in the categories above. Surprised? Don’t be.

Which category of these guys/girls have you encountered or heard of before? Share your experience in the comments.

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  1. Definitely BWM
    The sad art? They are always, consistently, unfailingly, oh-so-fine
    And I wonder, whyy?
    Of late, once some really really cute boy hits me up, I already just know he’s a BWM
    Sad part? I’m never wrong.
    It’s why I never go for such kinds — pick the super hot ones that know they’re super hot, you’d get burnt.

    1. Heyyy, I laughed so hard at “consistently unfailingly oh-so-fine”. Probably all mothers feed baby boys food that makes them fine at birth? I can relate to the prediction part though. When you know fuckboys so well, it becomes almost easy to identify them.

  2. Lmaoo. This whole fuck boy thing has always been funny to me.
    You know that thing about “let’s see how it goes” They hardly use it. The very common one is “I don’t want a relationship right now” lmao. See ehn run as far as your legs can carry you from these ones you could talk to the for years all like you guys are dating and it’ll not go anywhere or worse still they are dating someone on the low.

  3. Lmao I can relate to what imaobong said. There was this really cute guy that I gave my number to and when he called I didn’t pick. I didn’t pick because he was really fine and my inner fuckboy detector’s mantra was “he’s a fuckboy”. He later stopped calling ?

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