Let the foodieness begin!

Heyyyyss lovelies 🙂

Dunno why I’m so positive about this new year. Yesterday, I posted about new year and finishing what you started. If you didn’t see the post yet, check here

Last year February I registered for catering classes and I’m a certified caterer now. Trust me, it took a lot of self-convincing before I decided to. Anyways, I’m pretty knowledgeable about cooking now and I really love trying out new things.

But due to schoolwork and some other reasons, I didn’t do much towards the last 6 months of 2015. This year, I’ll be going back to my utensils 🙂 Will be posting some of my recipes here with pictures. Check these out.



Do you have any recipe you think I’d find exciting or you want me to post here on the blog, please comment below or send a mail to ajibike.oyinda@gmail.com
Also, look out for the feature posts. Will be featuring some of my favorite bloggers here. Look out for my feature of Styled by the Q. Be good!


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