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June Reflections


Do you find it rather funny how things happen even though we try to stop them from happening? Like things that have happened to you before and you just don’t want them to reoccur but they eventually do.

Well, one major lesson I learnt from June reflections is to accept whatever God has in plan for you. There are just some happenings you can’t change. You have to accept that and stop beating yourself up because it really isn’t your fault.

Consider a mother that loses her child at an early age. She’d cry and be heartbroken. But what if that child would end up killing her or causing her more pain? Or not getting enough marks to study a course or in an exam and you have to settle for something else. What if you’d end up being better in the other course you’re stuck with? Think about it.

Also, there are some certain people who will pass through our lives, mainly to teach us lessons and make us better people but they won’t stay no matter how much you want them to, how bad you think you need them. People you have probably become dependent on and you can’t imagine a life without them. But like seasons, people change. You don’t have to get a prior notification and even when you see some things coming and are prepared for it, the force with which it would hit you could be surprising.

And that’s okay. God basically builds us with every situation we pass through with confidence that we will scale through. So hang on. All will end up well.​

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