Nigerians And Helping Others

nigerians and helping others

Hi readers!
One thing I think I have learnt so far as a Nigerian is the fact that you should always expect people’s reluctance to help you in most situation, even family. Nigerians and helping others don’t go that well together. I have been struggling since the beginning of this year with getting help in some of my projects. I am much dependent on God as the major source of help but why are people so reluctant to help even when it costs nothing?

It makes me feel frustrated and brings me to tears. Have you ever been in that situation that you know what great things you’re capable of if only you have the right resources? I have been talking about publishing a book since forever and yet someone somewhere probably knows someone that could help out. Making do with what I have but I just had to put this up.

Social media is the worst. I have over two thousand followers on Instagram which warrants that I can reach out to at least one thousand people. Does it make any sense then if I post a picture and get just one hundred likes? Not to me. “Kindly repost this picture on your page”. Hardly anyone will. “Kindly vote for me”. Hardly anyone will. “Kindly tell a friend about my blog”. Hardly anyone does. How then is a person supposed to be encouraged to be better?

It makes me wonder why, is it out of bitterness or hatred or they just don’t care? Because I know there is nothing that makes me happier than seeing other people happy. I will support my friend’s business if I could afford to. Buy my friend’s products. Shoot for free. I will buy a ticket and go to an event being hosted by my friend if I could afford it. And if I can’t, I will talk about it to other people, rebroadcast, provide moral and emotional support because that is the right thing to do and it costs nothing.

God will not come down from heaven to help we humans. We just have to help ourselves because it costs nothing to help others. Especially when you’re in the position to help. *sighs* You might read this post and think I’m crazy, maybe I am.
Maybe I will eventually get a book published.
Maybe even my friends won’t buy the book.
Maybe I will get an award this year if people actually believe in me and my works and vote for me when they are supposed to.
Maybe a brand will make me a brand ambassador if someone recommends me.
Maybe someone will advertise on this blog.
Maybe half of the compliments I get are plain sarcastic.
Maybe they are not.
Maybe, just maybe you will decide to help someone today.

Anyway, voting is still on for the Ivory Honors I got two nominations for. Here’s the thing, you can vote here as many times as possible. All you have to do is vote and refresh. Kindly vote for Life of Dammy under Poet of the year and Dammy under Oap of the year. I am second in both categories but anything can happen if there is support from wonderful people. I believe!

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Nigerians And Helping Others

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  1. I suffer from this same frustration. As a blogger especially – I basically BEG for people to share, comment or like my posts but hardly anyone does…not even my good friends. I try to tell myself maybe they don’t realize how much it would mean to me if they did, but it still hurts a little.

    Since I share your frustration, I followed through and voted for you several times on best poet of the year – good luck!!

    1. You just made my day. I can imagine how it feels like. Just find a way to encourage yourself like I do. Everything will pay off in the end. Thank you for your comment and voting. I appreciate ❤

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