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I read my first paperback copy of Sidney Sheldon’s in 2005 which was “Tell me your dreams”. I remember reading the book late into the night with a lantern because it was that intense and I couldn’t drop it. The book tells the story of a lady who is a murder suspect with multi personality disorder which was quite intriguing. Sidney has to be one of the most sensational writers ever. This present day I have read about 15 of his works. In fact, he was famous in the movie scene too before he died.

If you have read books by and love authors like James Patterson, John Grisham and co., you will definitely love Sidney. He’s the seventh best selling fiction author of all time. Amazing! What makes his books so great? The plots, the themes, the twists, the suspense. A regular story could have a background from way back in the main character’s childhood. It’s quite rare to predict correctly the ending of a Sidney Sheldon’s book. He was quoted as saying “I try to write my books so my readers can’t put them down.” Pure determination and he achieved that.

sidney sheldon

Enough with the appraisal. I think Sidney’s books should be read by everyone as they teach life lessons varying from the business world, to law, to medicine, to entrepreneurship, to entertainment and others. And upcoming writers should try and learn from him. Apart from “Tell me your dreams”, my favorite Sidney’s book is “If tomorrow comes”. Totally mindblowing book!

I’m always looking out for more great authors. Kindly recommend some below, would be grateful! Read any of Sidney’s book yet? Who is your favorite thriller/crime/mystery author? Which is your favorite book and why? Let’s talk in the comments ?

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  1. Tell Me Your Dreams was my first and best of Sidney Sheldon. Read when I was way younger too…His suspense level is top notch!!!

    My love for John Grisham too know no bounds!!! His last book I read was The Runaway Jury…mind blowing piece!!!

  2. ?, your post title just reminded me that I always thought Sidney was a woman until sometime last year when I had the opportunity to check the back of one of his books ?. I am yet to read one of his books. Sometime soon.

    My favourite crime writers are James Patterson (Alex Cross >), Jonathan Kellerman and Jeffrey Deaver (cos Lincoln Rhyme is king and Amelia Sachs is queen).

    1. Hahaha Sidney as a lady?? Lol his picture is always on the back of his books though. You need to read just one and you’d be hooked for real. I love James Patterson too and Jeffrey Deaver. Will check out the other guy. Thanks for commenting ?

  3. i honestly used to think syndey was a woman, the ones i read were ebooks, the choice of words are just splendid, the first one i read was “if tomorrow comes” and ever since then i have always been looking for sydney’s book.

    1. I used to think he was female too. I have a couple of his books in ebooks format if you’d like em, hit me with a mail.

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