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I should have put up this post on how to make an off shoulder top long ago but I really want to adher to the two style posts per month principle. Now I regret not putting it up. Lost all the pictures of the process on my old phone. I am so sorry. However you can check out this post. It really helped me. The off shoulder trend is still pretty much around and I can say this is one trend I really like. All you need to make this top is a yard of clothing material, elastic, office pin and sewing machine or needle and thread. It took about two hours to make. How would you style this top and where would you wear it to? Wore it to church and it turned heads.

Offshoulder Ankara Trend
Offshoulder Ankara Trend
Offshoulder Ankara Trend
Offshoulder Ankara Trend

I wonder why some people find it so difficult to love themselves. For real, I doubt I could do anything I don’t want to or think would harm me. However, some girls and guys already have esteems that don’t make them respect or love themselves and thus they can’t love other people. Listen up! God put in so much time into making you that you should spend some much time loving yourself because you deserve to and you should let no one tell you otherwise.

loving yourself


Offshoulder Ankara Trend

I have been called different names from toothpick to skinny to flat. My legs have been compared to broomsticks, pencil, spaghetti and other odd things but all these has never made me insecure about my body for once. Never made me stop loving the body, the unique me God has created. God is love! God loves you and you should love yourself.

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  1. You are wonderfully made all over?
    Your top and shoes are too lit love your outfit❤️
    I mean if you don’t love yourself who will really??
    I would rock it to church like this and throw on a blazer for work.

    1. Maureen my love!
      Thank you so much. That would look so nice. I ought to get me a blazer though but my lazy self won’t let me.

    1. Thank you Tonye. Funny enough the shoes were formerly my mum’s. I hated the shoes when she passed them to me. Just thought they were trendy now.

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