Seven Things From Lara-Jean of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Introverts Can Find Relatable

Seven Things From Lara-Jean of To All The Boys I've Loved Before

I would go on to watch To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before in January and I really liked it. It is interesting in the typical high school movie story-line but I appreciate how much value was placed on family in the movie.

Happy new year from this end! It has been a minute since my last post and while life has been happening really fast, I have been posting sometimes over at my Medium page. I have five posts there you really have to check out.

Netflix is a modern day escape for myself and most millennials. I mean, what is better than being indoors all day binge watching the overpriced platform with junk food by the side? Going out? Err maybe. I identify as an introvert. Not the type most people wrongly believe automatically translates to who hates going out. I enjoy going out, being in the right company but still enjoy some alone time.

I may have caught the Netflix bug rather late but I am a big fan right now. Talked about how much of a softie I can be so while I enjoy action movies, documentaries, comedy, sci-fi and horror, I am still a sucker for romantic ones. The first movie I started with was The Kissing Booth which I had to stop halfway because of the frustrating light situation in the country I presently write from and didn’t get back to till my free subscription ended.

I would go on to watch To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before in January and I really liked it. It is interesting in the typical high school movie story-line but I appreciate how much value was placed on family in the movie. Can I add that one of my favs Lauv’s song I Like Me Better was a soundtrack? The 2018 track was dropped on his first project and was written off his first relationship after moving to New York.

While I may not have experienced the type of love he sang about or that which Lara-Jean Covey had in the movie, listening to the song still brings a smile to my face every time.

Seven things from Lara-Jean of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before introverts can find relatable include:

Reading a lot

Majority of the introverts are either a big sucker for books, movies or games or all three. Lara-Jean is a vicarious reader, even bringing a book on a school trip and living her life in her own made up story in her head.

I have almost gotten ran over by a car because I was reading one of the books in the Stephanie Plum’s series.

Introverts would pick books over people any day. For this, a lot of people may tag us as stuck up or snubs. Do we care? Not really. We would however give you a chance to get to know us. It is either you know us completely or you don’t know us at all.

Hate meeting people

While extroverts are always down for socializing, we introverts would rather not make friends because we don’t know what would result from it. Even the few friends we have have to drag us out to hang out with them like Lara-Jean being coerced to go to a party.

We would rather stay home than go to a party. The noise gets very irritable for us. I have found myself dozing several times in a party or wondering why I even bothered coming.

We don’t do well in groups either especially ones which we have to contribute and carry on conversations. We hate drama so much too! Especially when it revolves around us. We love being invisible in the public.

Communicating non-verbally

In the movie, Lara-Jean’s facial expression says a lot more than she talks. Most introverts can relate to this. Whether from not being able to gather our thoughts and emotions to verbally express what we feel, but one way to know what is on an introvert’s mind is to look at their face or body language. I express my disapproval non-verbally most times and people I relate with will go on to understand that.

Needing extroverts around

As much as introverts hate interactions, we enjoy having that one extroverted person around who can be fun. For Lara-Jean, this came in form of her friend Chris who is the ultimate socialite. Going to a concert before a school trip? Chris is wild yo.

Introverts feed off the energy of extroverts around them. It can be beneficial having an extroverted sibling as well and this happens to be my sister for me. My sister is the opposite of me. She’s ever ready to go out and can start dancing in the middle of anywhere without any fear.

Being deep in conversations

Introverts spend a lot of time reading and observing their surroundings, it is inevitable that we would be deep from time to time. I pride myself as being a really good listener and adviser. I am blunt, honest and have strong opinions. You really cannot be a friend of mine if you prefer people pretending and lying to you. One of Lara-Jean’s best feature happens to be giving intelligent replies to questions.

Hiding our feelings

Introverts are magnificent at hiding feelings. Short replies are our thing. We find ways of convincing ourselves that we are not deserving of the love we are receiving or ultimately shy away from it. Lara-Jean or not? Even when she liked and was sure Peter loved her, she still pushed him away because of her fears. The most complicated part is that moments stay with us and we remember how people make us feel years after.

Being spontaneous

Although introverts are considered gentle, every now and then, we get spontaneous and do something we usually do not. It could be trying out new food or wearing clothes we usually would not or in Lara-Jean’s case, face a bully. Because introverts don’t talk much, we may seem like the easy person to manipulate or hurt but we really are not. All we need is the right trigger to do what we usually would not.

My service year is coming to an end soon and I am looking forward to binge watching new releases on Netflix! Which movies have you seen lately there and you love? Do recommend. Do you identify as an introvert? Which of these things can you relate do? Drop a comment below. Ciao!


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