Bus Conversations #1: Versace Na Versace

Hello human.

Welcome to the first post of my bus (cab and bike inclusive) conversations.

It has been raining for a large part of today and I was indoors mostly. I get terribly ill when caught in the rain. However, I dared to go out, having had it in mind to go home and get some things done before exams begin.

Boarded a cab from my hostel to the school gate, having this cute dude sit next to me. He said hello and I said hello back. For some odd reason, he kept staring at me. Amused, I waited for him to say something but he didn’t summon the courage to and we parted ways at the gate.

I am not usually a chitchat type of person but I boarded a bike and the okada rider proceeded to tell me about his friend who sells Versace slides.

“Hmmm cool.” I asserted absentminded, only to have him shove a nylon at me.
“Check it out.” He said.

I frowned. Why couldn’t he just focus on where he was driving to? Why was he showing me? Curious, I collected the nylon, untied it and laid eyes on the slides. They were blue, cute but obviously fake.

“He sells these N1500 instead of N2800. You can buy wholesale for N1000.”

I had to suppress a laugh.

Versace na Versace
1500? Really?

“It’s fine.” I said, tying the nylon and handing it back to him.

Fine but fake. The original Versace slides would cost nothing less than N10000 I think but Versace na Versace right? So long as some people see the logo, they probably believe it’s actually the designer slides. But the few who know the original can tell.

How often do we fall into situations where we want designer wears and can’t afford? The next resort for some people is to buy the closest alternative. I don’t. Would rather not buy and save for original or thrift or make a diy copy.

There was one time in senior secondary school, Converse sneakers were trending and every cool kid had one. I had more than enough school shoes and mum was reluctant to buy original Converse for me. So I saved (lol) and bought a black Aba made type for N1000. It lasted about one month before falling apart. I learned my lesson.

It might be tempting to buy these fake products but the quality and durability will always make a difference, apart from the embarassment that comes with being caught wearing fake by friends or other people. Hence you should buy original or something really close to it.

Ever had the cause to buy a not so original product? How did it go? Share below in the comment box. I’d really love to know.

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  1. Hahahahaha, that meme tho! I’ve bought fake at some point o when I could not afford the original and till tomorrow I blamed myself for ever wasting the money like that. These days, if I can’t afford the original or replicate that is very close to the original, I just move on with my life….

  2. Nice post, Dammy. I tried to buy a pair of shoes last year. The seller was serving in the same place I served, and she seemed cool. The price was sort of low for the shoes, but she was just there assuring me that it was quality she was ordering. Once the shoes came like this, once look at it and I knew it was fake. I knew I couldn’t wear it or even gift it out. Like you, I’d rather not wear it than do fake. I returned it, she didn’t like that. In the end, I just left her – with the shoes and money. She was really stressing me out, I didn’t need that at all, especially over fake shoes.

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