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I met my blogger friend and school mate Ifeoma of The Ifeoma Effect for the first time ever earlier this morning and she had to correct me at first that her name was Ifeoma, not Ifoma like I pronounced, reminding me of how terrible I am with Igbo names. I can spell well but pronouncing? Still needs work.

“But you’re tall o!” She declared.
All I could do was smile. That wasn’t the first time someone had said that and I doubt it’d be the last. I am of the opinion that majority think they are taller than people they are yet to meet until they actually meet.

Here goes some remarks from people and my musings about being 5’9 which I personally don’t regard as tall but just average.

“You should be a model.”

Hahahaha. Yeah right. I doubt I can even manage my shape except with serious determination. If I’m getting paid to be in shape though, that is a different thing entirely. Do you know how hard it is to be a model? I for one have friends that have to diet and work out strictly just for the job.

Musings About Being 5'9

“Do you play basketball? You should play basketball.”

Err. No time really. I used to play back in senior secondary school but university and other interests occupy the little free time I get.

Also, basketball requires skills, being fast and not just height, I have seen girls shorter than me play basketball and I was wowed.

“You are trying o. How would your boyfriend cope?”

I don’t understand why people say this. Some think it’d be hard for him to carry me or something. The tallest girl in the world is wayyyy taller than her boyfriend and they’ve been together for so long. And when I meet cute guys I am taller than? Lawwwd why.

Height really isn’t important in a relationship. Although, I can’t get with someone rather shorter than I am. About my height or taller than me will be just fine.

Shopping for shoes.

Although tall girls are supposed to wear shoes with large sizes, I wear a size 40 which is not that large. Just that I never find some shoes I like in my size. And when it comes to heels? Hahaha. It is so annoying. Guys don’t like having tall girls wear heels and now become taller than them. And no! Low heels won’t do. Why wear heels when it’s not elevating you and making you strut?

Getting the right jeans.

Now this is quite annoying sometimes. I could get the right length of trousers and the waist is big or get the right waist size and the jeans stops inches above my ankle. Then I have to roll it up and turn it into three-quarters jeans proper.

“Dammy slow down!”

When walking with people shorter than me, I have to take short strides or they practically get left behind and have to tell me to slow down. I am taller than all my best friends too. Hugging shorter people? I always have to stoop.

Whether you’re 6ft+ or 5 or even 4, it can be fun being tall or short. Anyway, that’s the musing I have for today. Share your tall and short people woes or story in the comment box. I’d love to know what your best and embarassing moments are.

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  1. Hahahahahahahaa, tbh, I have tall friends and I have find myself telling them these same lines repeatedly. But reading this now made me realize it actually go beyond the height.

    …errr, but you should still be a model though…hahahahahaha

  2. I subtle support those harraguing you to be a model though….Lol. and funny thing I always love to date tall lady, but they can’t just deal. I had a bestie who is same as your height, walking beside or olding hands just kinda feel weird but I adapt well.

    Enjoy your height joor, it is a gift

    1. Awww. I am blushing. I really can’t cope as a model though. I hope you end up with a tall lady 😂

  3. I’m not tall ooo, just average but my uncle believes I would be great at basketball for some reason. I get that. Nice one

    1. Thanks Oreoluwa. Shorter people enjoy a lot more but then I just have to accept my stature like that.

  4. Tall girls rock…. But all my close female friends are so “Down to earth”, I don’t know if its a sign for my fuure

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