Is There A Perfect Guy?

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This post was inspired by a conversation I had at my workplace with two middle age men. I was asked the question “Is it possible to find a guy that has all the qualities you want in a guy?” I had to think about it and based on what I learnt, I decided to share and get your opinion about this. Is there actually a perfect guy?

Is There A Perfect Guy

Being humans, it is inevitable that we have our different tastes and have to select what seems better to us at one point or another. Some people like lemonade, some don’t. Some prefer vanilla while others like chocolate and some like strawberry flavour. Same way some ladies like tall guys and some don’t. Having a particular set of features you look for in Mr Right/Mrs Right is a healthy thing. But then is it possible to find all these features in a guy/ladies?

My answer is yes. Yes it is possible but it can be rare because along the line you might discover Mr Right has some features you don’t like although he has every item on your check list of perfection. When I start listing the features I want in a guy, I start with he must be tall. Lol yes Mr Right must be taller than me or just about my height. I have heard some girls list up to 20 features but then you find them settling for someone who doesn’t have up to 7 of those features. Why is this so? It is basically due to the fact that tolerance and understanding exists.

Consider this scenerio:
A lady meets a guy that is tall, sweet, caring, purpose driven, handsome and all that; but he smokes and she doesn’t like the smoking part. If she is of the opinion that someone better could come along, she might decide to let him be. But otherwise, she could overlook the smoking because the other features are better. If you ask her the question above, she will say yes as the guy will seem perfect to her.

Same way a guy meets a girl who is beautiful, caring, hardworking and all he wants but she can’t cook. He could choose to accept that part of her or not. If he does, to him she is perfect. So it is possible to find a perfect guy or lady. It all depends on what your idea of perfect is. This is basically my own musing and opinion though. What do you think about this?

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