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Eid mubarak to muslims all over the world. Hope you had a wonderful Sallah break? I sure did. Been a while I put up Personality We Admire column. It basically gives an insight into people we admire. Check out these previous posts here, here and here for other posts. Currently admiring Olofin Ifeoluwa.

Instagram happens to be one of my favorite applications at the moment and possibly for a long time to come. I have met so many awesome people through Instagram that I find quite indispensable. Stylist Olofin Ifeoluwa happens to be one of them. I have been following him for a while before I met him in person at a model casting in school. I recognised him at once and just had to talk to him. Funny enough, he was also following me and even knew some things about me already.

We share the same love for fashion even though his love is greater. Trust me, this gentleman has books about fashion. We were supposed to have a style collaboration earlier this year but he can be quite the busy person. However here we are! A corporate themed style shoot. I had so much fun at the shoot even though we had to move about for perfect location. An awesome professional photographer friend of ours, Kareem Ifeoluwa aka Ife Rex (@ife_rex) shot us. He’s simply one of the best photographers ever.

He is a magician! Ifeoluwa can make you look fabulous with stuffs you didn’t even know you had in your wardrobe. He has on a shirt, waistcoat and trousers with vintage shoes while I have on this white offshoulder ‘dress’ which I made by revamping my lab coat. The lab coat had been lying in my wardrobe for over two years since I stopped practicals in 100 level. I was staring at it and got inspired.

I cut off the long arms and used them for sleeves which I sewed on to the body of the coat. Then I used elastic and sewed on a button to close the space left by the neckline of the lab coat. He was so surprised when I told him what I did. Lol he thought it was a designer dress. Styled the dress with a black belt and Atmosphere flat shoes.

White off shoulder dress

vintage look

What makes him admirable?
1. He’s hardworking! You should see him carrying bags full of clothes while working. Ifeoluwa can go from one styling job to another without having any break. He has styled some of the biggest people in Ibadan and Lagos. Check out his page (@itsbillsj) for more of his work. He styled the models at Mr Ideal Nigeria, Unibadan Fashion Week and a couple of other events.
2. He’s passionate about his job. Ifeoluwa lives and breathes fashion. His normal day look is always a statement. He once joked about how some of his coursemates eagerly wait everyday to see what he would wear to class. We also share the same love for retro fashion. His recommended glasses look like something out of 80s movie.
3. He’s understanding and a good friend. He can be as candid as I am and really honest too, very good natured and funny too.
4. He’s starting a blog soon! I’m so excited about this one. Finally he would be able to project his style to the world. He believes he should do more of styling other people but I do tell him he should run a blog too.

olofin ifeoluwa

ibadan fashion bloggers

I will recommend him anyday to do a wonderful job. If you have questions regarding his work, want him to style you or for collaborations; kindly follow him on Instagram and send a direct message. He would be glad to talk to you. He is indeed admirable.

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